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Kenwood System Firmware Download. After much searching and reading reviews and comparing many products, I decided to the Kenwood. First of all, I installed the radio in a 15-year-old Peugeot 206. Some have highlighted a slight installation here. This certainly applies to someone who is absolutely firm in such activities. For me, it was associated with a lot of reading and internet research. But then connected without further ado and without problems. Maybe it should be mentioned here once that the wiring harness is only provided on the radio with a plug. Towards the vehicle, appropriate plugs must be purchased matching the car. These must then be wired correctly with the cable harness of the radio. There is already knowledge required.

Kenwood System Firmware Download

If I\’ve got that as a loan, but it is certainly feasible for anyone else. So, and now briefly to the device itself. It comes with English-language software, but can be easily converted to German. The radio as well as all other functions worked wonderfully and perfectly perfectly right away. The Navi is initially synonymous in English, which can also be easily changed in the settings. The navigation works like all other futures absolutely top. Many additional little gadgets such. B. speed camera warning, which can be switched on or off, complete this beautiful device. The maps are up to date. At least what I’ve tested so far.
The condition can be said that this is very clearly arranged and even if the operating instructions are only in English, easy to understand and self-explanatory. For the use, I did not need the operating instructions. The only thing I can not give any information is the reversing camera. Because of the weather I have no desire (no garage or garaging) I have to postpone it to a later date. But I\’m sure that this will not be a problem and everything will work just as well, as described above. Finally, it remains to be stated: A hammer car radio with a huge accessory package that is extensively equipped. the value for money is not too top. Have compared many products. So here are 5 stars absolutely justified.
So I\’ve installed the Kenwood in my car just needed the plug into the radio, and connecting the Atenne and cable for Navi and everything worked well all functions very great device. Have a few dan music videos downloaded to my stick and have it tried the same but unfortunately, did nothing. Error message from the radio does not support this function? Have I then restarted the PC and connected the USB flash drive and Formatted in FAV32, again Music videos downloaded in MP4 converter from YouTube you have to tune in front. The USB stick purely tried and lo and behold, all right now I have music and can also But videos do not look good while driving. Conclusion >> Great device, great sound, I am very satisfied with this Kenwood product.
FIRMWARE CHANGES Improved functions
Improved Apple CarPlay Function.
Improved Android Auto Function.
Improved Radio Function.
Improved stability of performance.
Improved Vehicle Adaptor Informations Function.
Improved X\’over Function.
Improved Gesture Control Function. (Only for DDX916WS, DDX916WSM)
Improved Steering Remote Control Function. (Only for DDX9716BTS)
Improved stability of performance.
Add Pandora Function. (Covered areas: North America, Oceania)
Add Spotify Function.
Support for \”KENWOOD Smartphone Control\”.
Improved Mirroring/APPS Function.
Improved Apple CarPlay Function.
Improved Android Auto Function. (Only DDX9903S, DDX9703S, DDX916WS, DDX916WSM, DDX916WSL, DDX9016DABS, DDX9016S, DDX9016SM, DDX9716BTS, DDX9716BTSR)
Improved USB Function.
Improved the defect that the steering remote control does not function. (Not-covered areas: North America) (except DDX9716BTS, DDX9716BTSR)
Improved stability of performance.
(25.08.2016) North American sales area only
Support for \”KENWOOD Smartphone Control\”.
Improved Mirroring/APPS Function.
Improved Apple CarPlay Function.
Improved Android Auto Function. (Only DDX9903S, DDX9703S)
Improved USB Function.
Improved HD Radio Function.
Improved SiriusXM Function.
Improved iDataLink Function.
Improved stability of performance.
DOWNLOADS (Click the link to download):
Be sure to read and follow the instructions in the \”2016 Navigation/Multimedia receiver Firmware Update Guide.\”
Model group A
• Target Model: DDX9903S, DDX9703S, DDX6903S, DDX6703S
Model group B
• Target Model: DDX916WS, DDX916WSM, DDX916WSL, DDX9716BTS, DDX9716BTSR, DDX9016DABS, DDX9016S, DDX9016SM, DDX8016DABS
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