Download ISO Wifiway 3.4

Check the security of your wireless network with this LiveCD.

If you are administrator of a wireless network it is important to maintain its security and stability, only then will we be able to avoid potential problems. Wifiway is a distribution based on Linux packaged in a LiveCD that includes many tools for network auditing.

1. Security tool for analyzing WiFi networks, Bluetooth or RFID. 
2. Graphic looks like Knoppix. 
3. Tutorials available to users on the official website.
For expert hands

Some utilities included are Aircrack, Wlandecrypter, WepAttack or Wireshark, for example, names that any expert will recognize instantly. You only need to burn the ISO image to a CD or launch from a USB key on your computer to access its functions.

The program is not exactly something you can recommend to anyone. You will need some knowledge in networks and above all, a responsible attitude, if you want to get the best possible match: Wifiway is known to be used to hack WiFi networks.

Download free Wifiway right now and keep your integrity intact forever wireless networks.

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