Download ISO Knoppix 7.6.0

A Live CD full of possibilities.
Knoppix is a LiveCD that allows us to use other operating systems without losing the configuration of your computer. In this case, Knoppix we can use all the tools available in this GNU / Linux distribution regardless of the operating system you have.
Live GNU / Linux system
Possible Utilities

Knoppix we can be very useful in several respects. In addition to use as a Linux distribution, you may have other functions, such as educational CD, rescue and CD to recover your files when Windows will not boot, or as a platform for product demonstrations of commercial software.

What we find in Knoppix?

Knoppix Logo
Knoppix Logo

Knoppix is based on Debian (wheezy) and uses the 3.9.6 kernel. Among the applications that come standard include: 

Chromium and Firefox / Iceweasel. 
LXDE as the default desktop, the file manager PCManFM. 
Integration with the Tor network.
Take full advantage of this full free download Live CD Knoppix.

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