Download ISO Fedora 23

Linux distribution based on Red Hat
In 2003, after Red Hat became a paid distribution, Fedora appeared. Using exactly the same basis of development of the first, Fedora has established itself as one of the best operating systems based on Linux.

Linux Fedora
Linux Fedora

SUV distribution

With a desktop based on the GNOME or KDE, Fedora provides the latest software packages available. This is a version of Linux ready to run in any environment, whether home or business, which has the best free software and offers full support for your hardware.

One version of Linux with more satisfied users. 

The business card
A. Free and open-source software. 
B. More than 10,000 packages and applications. 
C. Insurance. Free of viruses and spyware. 
D. Lots of themes and styles. 
E. Participate in the Fedora project with other users of the community.
Best equipment software

With Evolution and Empathy you can work with your emails and keep video chatting and chat. Browse with Firefox, published in Twitter with Gwibber, playing media with Totem and Rhythmbox, create DVDs or remove your tracks with CD Sound Juicer, take pictures with Cheese Photobooth and organizes the collection with Shotwell.

\”Free your desktop with Fedora\”
In terms of illustration and design also have a wide range: GIMP and Inkscape as graphics editors, Scribus to create publications, Blender 3D Studio 3D modeling and games, PiTiVi as video editor, Audacity audio editing design.Nor they have forgotten the office experience: you have all the LibreOffice suite.
Requirements: An Internet connection is required to download parts of the installation
ISO Fedora Download:

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