Download ISO CentOS 7.0.1406

Free server-oriented Linux distribution

CentOS (Community Enterprise Operating System) is an open source distribution oriented to use in servers based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. It offers support for various architectures and has a number of packages that encompass virtually every need of the user.

Being designed for use in a business environment, this distribution does not have a flashy or very groomed appearance, since the aim is to offer the highest performance and reliability possible.

One of the main features of CentOS does offer support for multiple architectures, from x86 to PPC.

Among the packages available are: Apache, PHP, OpenOffice, Evolution, Firefox, Thunderbird, MySQL and PostgreSQL, among other tools.

If you long for a free, stable and which distribution is based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, you can install with all possible guarantees an efficient server, CentOS test, an operating system designed to work.
Requirements: You must have an Internet connection broadband and make it stable, to install this distribution.
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