Download Firmware YI Home IP Camera

YI Home Camera Firmware Download. After I opened the small, only inconspicuous box I knew immediately that no one so much trouble making a product so nice to pack after taking the customer this good feeling again. I explain in some steps the camera, in the end I will keep the conclusion for the impatient. The cast about 110 mm high camera is very high quality of the processing in a matte black of the stand is held, the camera itself is glossy, this can be turned degrees in the neck of the stand 360th 
YI Home Camera Firmware Upgrade
The whole thing stands on a very stable round plate with a diameter of approx. 80mm, the camera can be steplessly bent from front to back to the stop and holds in all positions very stable, it is so well balanced that the floor disc does not lift off, slip It can not anyway because a rubber ring surrounds. A micro sd card slot for recording is located on the side, from the front a status LED indicator. The included 5V power supply and the 1,5 meters long connection cable are unfortunately held in white, black would be the elegant camera more worthy. After the power supply is plugged in, you will be a ladies voice in English noted that the camera is ready device.
YI Home Camera Firmware Update
YI Home Camera Firmware Download

Download IP Camera Firmware YI Home
The app is loaded from the Internet according to multilingual, enclosed instructions also in German, this is done with a QR code which you hold in front of the camera, the app is found and you can install it. Now you have to register or create an account, give it a password, the only thing you can specify is an email address, I have a long time ago an anonymous email account with no real name furnished. After registering, you must still press the e-mail on the specified account. Now you can connect the camera to the WLAN network, which is very easy, you are guided in the app. The ladies voice tells you what you are connected to.
Download Firmware IP Camera YI Home
When starting the live image can be seen at about the first third of the display from the smartphone, including the control center with the possibility to SD or HD and automatic function to turn in car, the transmission quality is adapted to the reception strength. The reception quality is always displayed on the screen in KB/s. A completely thoughtful easily implemented camera with an excellent day and image and video, an app that can only be amazed at the quality and functionality that I have seen in a few camera so far I\’m really extremely excited. Unfortunately bad night shots, here is a disillusionment. I\’ll add another photo. The price is however fair for what it offers.
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