Download Firmware YI Dome IP Camera

YI Dome Firmware Download. An exceptionally, the trade press has quite the right with the tenor, that one YI (XIAOMI) as a manufacturer of premium products soon no longer pre-arrived. This also coincides with my experience. After I had already tested the \”4K Action Cam\”, the \”Dash Cam\” and the \”Home Camera 2\” with absolute enthusiasm, the Dome Camera came into the house. And when I look at the US website, we can look forward to more great products in Europe. Again a great product that impresses besides the physical quality, even by the simplest installation, child-friendly operation (good APP) and absolute reliability.
YI Dome IP Camera Firmware Download
Due to the good compression, there are hardly any delays caused by data volumes. The light output of the camera is the best I have seen in this segment so far. Only shortly before complete darkness switches the YI into the night vision mode and until then one has a astreine color picture. That also the movement tracking, with an IP-Cam in this price class, so extremely well works, I would not have expected.
YI Dome Firmware Update
YI Dome Firmware Download

Download IP Camera Firmware YI Dome
Sometimes you very much mischief in relation to IP Cams reads: Almost all IP-cams in this segment (Home Consumer) are now based on a cloud system, because anything else would give no sense. The alarms should always be stored externally, because every half-way intelligent burglar would pack the IP cam and SD card, of course. And then? Exactly, all recordings are great!
Download Firmware IP Camera YI Dome
This simple form has just been implemented because many consumers were not able to cope with the complicated version. If you do not want this simple form of the data backup, you have to choose the stony path of a specially programmed cam and then direct the recordings to a server of his trust. Alternatively, of course, the very expensive variant hard drive recorder in the armored car is possible.
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