Download Firmware & Utility Devolo dLAN Livecam

Download Firmware & Utility Devolo dLAN Livecam. Devolo has always stood out as a manufacturer that makes much electrical installations. Using the experience they have gained from the PLC models that have previously released, the manufacturer has launched the design of IP cameras. We present the devolo dLAN Livecam, an IP camera that is available today for 130 euros and is accompanied by a PLC that has two network ports.
The IP camera that has given us devolo we test, is designed to operate both day and night, night offering a fairly clear picture in very low light. As you are going to see during the test chamber, this has a lot of features and has applications for both iOS and Android. This way we can supervise the place where the IP camera from anywhere. In case you do not want to spend a lot of mobile data, the camera has the picture mode to only send traps in which movement is detected by the sensor.
At the features mentioned above must be added that the camera is fully Plug & Play, so you never need to change any settings on the router so that the image comes to your computer or mobile devices. The manufacturer has indicated that communication between the IP camera and the PLC is viable for a distance of 300 meters, being the image is clear and without any pixelated. Despite apparently a very complete camera, we must add that we miss the camera to be robotic. And the camera head and move you need to approach this in a completely manual. Although if you think about it a little, it is likely that this would have meant in expensive product, and it is very possible that many users would be more than enough with this.
Download Firmware & Utility Devolo dLAN Livecam
External analysis
Case devolo dLAN Livecam design responds to the German manufacturer has set for the rest of their products. On the main face of the box we have the image of both the IP camera as the PLC which is included with this, besides being able to see what can enjoy pictures of this on mobile devices, both smartphones and tablets. On the side of the box is common to find information regarding power saving many of the manufacturer\’s products can provide the user. The other side is occupied entirely by an image of the IP camera, which has a very compact design, as discussed below.
Internal analysis
To access the interior of the chamber is necessary to remove 4 screws on the bottom of this. Once we have removed, it can access the plate very easily. To access the head is necessary to remove more screws at the bottom of this bearing a cover, which is also the one with the ring gear that controls the rotation of the camera. Having removed the two screws you need to remove two more screws to remove the brackets where the camera performs vertical pitch.
Once we managed to remove all the parts, it can be seen as the plastic materials are really hard and stiff, something very important to protect what is the camera itself from bumps and drops that could eventually suffer. In-camera we can make manual focusing of the image, something that we felt a little uncomfortable and should be automatic. With respect to the camera plate, I must say that this is equipped with an Atheros chipset network and everything is distributed very carefully on the plate. Regarding into the PLC which is included in the camera packaging, we highlight its size rather than reduced, despite having two Fast Ethernet ports controlled by the chipset Atheros AR1500 chipset already have seen mounted equipments professional range of devolo.
We consider the devolo dLAN Livecam is a midrange camera, with an attractive and true to the lines of the German manufacturer design that is fully suitable for domestic use. Its price is around 130 euros, makes users to have a surveillance camera to your home, without having to spend a lot of money on the device. Not incorporate autofocus lens. Obviously we can not include the camera also because we are talking robot is moving from being a middle segment camera have to be regarded as a high-performance network camera.
Despite the points that we believe need to be improved, the devolo dLAN Livecam is a recommended for home users who wish to have some security in your home without having to make use of an alarm product. Your price that perhaps may seem exaggerated, with the passage of time is very profitable, especially reliability that have always demonstrated the equipment of the German company.
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