Download Firmware & Utility DCS-930L IP Camera

Download Firmware & Utility DCS-930L IP Camera. This IP camera D-Link DCS-930L is one of the mydlink-enabled cameras for video surveillance of our homes. We will be able to access the camera from anywhere as long as we are connected to the Internet. The plus point of mydlink is no need to remember IP addresses or ports, or open ports or assign static IP on your router, all done through NAT traversal. With the new service mydlink we can manage up to 4 IP cameras simultaneously in an easy and convenient way and through its website.
The camera can see via web in; but we can also assign a DynDNS host our camera to go directly to it without going through the portal. mydlink is also integrated into mobile applications as iOS or Android as you can see here: Access iOS and Android (for free). Access to mydlink can be multiple and simultaneously, ie, can see the website at home while our brother at home.
External analysis
The camera comes in a small box, we can see the main features of this camera has Wireless N, is able to send emails and settings and access to the camera is fast and easy. What stands out is the incorporation of mydlink, the D-Link website to manage the IP camera and it will be essential At the back we can see a brief outline of our home network with the installed camera. We can set the camera to view both Wi-Fi and cable. We can access it from the same local network to any device or externally using 3G connections. A very important point is that the traffic is transferred through mydlink is not encrypted, ie, we must be careful if we connect to public Wi-Fi networks as they could intercept traffic. Once you open the box, we see the box with the IP camera, but above all we must consider the installation CD as we will be absolutely necessary to begin configuring the IP camera. The bad news for users of GNU / Linux because the software is not compatible with your operating system, we use Windows, at least temporarily while doing the first tuning device.
Download Firmware and software DCS-930L IP Camera
Installation, configuration and testing
As I noted earlier, the software included with the camera only supports Windows platform. After inserting the CD must manually start the autoron.exe and very important: Disable firewall / firewalls because otherwise, the IP camera can not be detected and you can not install it. In the next menu you have several installation options, we have chosen the first to use the mydlink platform. When selecting the option, the following menu is this where we can select if your router has WPS or not … if you do not have the configuration must be manual. We say that D-Link Wizard is very intuitive and installation is quick and easy so no need to make an installation tutorial. In this regard they have done a great job to get to everyone.
Once you have finished the configuration, we have registered and have activated mydlink account with e-mail sent to us, we will see this (if all goes well): In the \”Camera Info\” tab advanced information we state the same, but the interesting thing is where it says \”Advanced Settings\” and we\’ll get into the menu of the camera like a router were to set up other interesting aspects . Here you can see the interface of the IP camera, as is already set, needless we touch anything and paragraphs Network Setup Wireless Setup. The camera uses NAT traversal so if we put a DynDNS host can access it automatically, but need not taking mydlink portal, but it is another alternative.
The Motion Detection is the most important part, we can set up a grid to detect motion, if it detects movement can set the camera to send E-Mails frames or upload to an FTP server remotely. This is where you configure the e-mail to send emails to our account and see what is happening. The configuration is very simple since it suffices to set up accounts where we want to send and receive traps. We tested this option by sending a Gmail account and works perfectly, data to configure Gmail are THESE We also have the option to upload to our FTP server private photo capture all or only when motion is detected … another way to ensure that the information will reach us safely. Thus far we have come across this little analysis showing the potential of this IP camera with mydlink service options email and FTP will not escape us absolutely nothing of what happens in our home or business.
This IP camera D-Link conspicuous by its simplicity when setting it, the Wizard installation is very simple. The multitude of options, coupled not to make difficult settings on the router to launch the IP camera, makes it ideal for anyone who know absolutely nothing about networks or configuring routers. The options for e-mail and FTP are, without doubt, necessary for proper monitoring and to be able to locate any anomaly without having to be constantly looking at the screen or walk configuring a NAS or similar devices for recording, what incorporates everything and is very easy to setup. For all this, from now if someone asks us about IP cameras, recommend this model because it really worth it.
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