Download Firmware & Software D-Link DCS-825L EyeOn Baby Camera

Download Firmware & Software D-Link DCS-825L EyeOn Baby Camera. The complete analysis of the IP camera, 720p HD resolution camera with night vision thanks to its infrared D-Link DCS-825L EyeOn Baby Camera, since normally the nursery is always dark or there is a low brightness. This camera also features two-way audio (speaker and microphone) so you can listen and talk to the baby at all times.

D-Link DCS-825L Software Download

In order to alert parents of the baby\’s condition incorporates motion detector, sound and temperature sensor when an event occurs is notified smartphone or tablet, the sensitivity of temperature and movement is adjustable, so this camera it is the most complete baby monitors that are on the market today. With wireless N Wi-Fi connectivity with the main router and support for mydlink Cloud, we can have our little controlled from anywhere on your local network, and also from the Internet. Through the mydlink website we can easily access the camera from any computer, thanks to the free application for mobile devices with Android and iOS we can monitor our baby from anywhere, application designed specifically for this camera is called mydlink Baby Camera Monitor you can download from the App Store and Google Play.
Other important features is that it has a slot to incorporate a microSD card and record videos or photos of our baby then share also has 5 lullabies time and volume control. Physically, at the top we find a LED that indicates if the temperature is correct (green), very hot (red) or too cold (blue), so we can adjust the temperature by looking at the state LED camera. A strength of this IP camera is that a router or access point, ie not need an infrastructure is not necessary, can connect your mobile device directly to the IP (ad-hoc mode) camera, this is perfect if we travel and have no internet connection, no need to relocate the router because we can continue using it without problems.
External analysis
The camera D-Link DCS-825L is presented in a small box and the main technical features on the front. The first thing that strikes us is the message of \”use your smartphone as a baby monitor\”, it shows that we have a IP camera designed specifically for this function. At the bottom are some of its key features such as incorporating night vision, has temperature sensor and alerts, also features a microSD card slot, secure connection and management through the mobile application developed by D-Link .
On the right side of the box are other features as having sound and motion detector, 720p HD resolution and has a 4x digital zoom to enlarge the area of the baby at any time from the mydlink website or from your mobile device with the free application. In the back of the box ede find some photos from the camera and use with mobile devices, we can also see the roses interchangeable rings (default is blue). Depending on the sex of the baby can easily change to match the color of the baby. At the bottom shows the main features in multiple languages.
Download Firmware & Software D-Link DCS-825L EyeOn Baby Camera
On the left side of the box are other key features: two-way audio, allowing us to talk to our baby and listen. At the bottom are a few short steps to install the camera and tells us about QR codes to download the mobile application. Once we know all the information you give us the box, we open and found all the components thereof, including the DCS-825L camera. The contents of the box are as follows:
At the rear of the camera microSD card slot and power connector of the camera (microUSB). The \”antenna\” coming out of the back is the temperature sensor is outside the frame of the camera so that the sensor does not detect the characteristic temperature of the camera and \”mask\” the actual temperature of the room. At the bottom of the camera several status LEDs, the power of the camera and \”cloud\” that tells us if we are registered in mydlink correctly. We also displays information about the wireless network created to configure the camera for the first time or if we connect directly to it without infrastructure.
Installation Wizard
The installation of this IP camera D-Link DCS-825L is really easy, but we do obligatorily through our mobile device (either a smartphone or iPad) using the mydlink Baby Monitor Camera application.
The first thing to do is get off the implementation of the various online stores (iTunes for iOS and Google Play for Android), once you have installed, execute it and follow the simple installation wizard. At one point in the installation it will ask us to connect the mobile device to the IP camera via Wi-Fi directly, the key to the wireless network is at the bottom of the camera. Once you have connected us via Wi-Fi to the camera, we can assign a password to access the administration of the camera and also configure your connection to the main router of our home. To complete the installation, it will ask mydlink portal data Cloud, if we have more equipment D-Link registered with the mydlink website we can use that username and password. Once we logged in, we see the main screen with all the options and quick access to the newly configured IP camera.
Once you have configured the IP camera and recorded in mydlink Cloud, we can manage it through a computer with mydlink Cloud or through mobile devices with the free application. And once you have entered the portal mydlink Cloud, the new device appears we\’ve added automatically. On the main screen we live viewing of the camera. This menu includes a lot of information such as the temperature of the room, if there has been any movement or if you skipped the sound sensor. At the bottom of the picture we see some adjustments D-Link allows us to adjust such as zoom or camera resolution, we can also put the image in full screen.
If we click on the tab SD card we see the files that we have recorded, filtering by recording date to make it easier to locate a specific clip. In the \”Settings\” tab you can change the name of the device, configure sending e-mail notifications and configure the various parameters of activation events (movement, sound and temperature). Finally, from here we can turn off all LED camera lights to not disturb the baby at night. Configuration of Motion detection is based on creating a zone where the camera will be sensitive to motion, we can select the entire area covered by the camera or just a particular area, we can also adjust the sensitivity of detection. Once we have configured simply click Next and complete the setup. The configuration of sound detection is based on setting a maximum noise level if that level of noise (measured in dB) is exceeded the notification is sent and email alert for excessive noise. Simply adjust the noise level and click Next to activate this feature. Setting the temperature sensing is based on putting a range of degrees in which the temperature is correct (green color), if the temperature is below the notification is cold and if the temperature is above the notification is heat. Once you have defined a proper temperature range we click Next and complete.
Mydlink Baby for iOS
The mydlink Camera Baby Monitor for the iOS application can be downloaded from this link or looking from App Store. The application worked perfectly in all tests, it is fast and we have not detected any failure a priori.
On the Home screen icon found an IP D-Link DCS-825L, click on the camera will access directly to your display and configuration options. From the main screen we notifications movement, sound and temperature alerts. At the top we can disable notifications and also add more cameras and enter the help where we solve the main questions we have about the device. Once we click on the camera icon, grant your display and also various options such as activation of the microphone, take pictures or videos (where we give you the option to save the content on the microSD or directly on the mobile device, ie internal memory iPad for example). We also have the option to run the different lullabies available and finally disable audio iPad. In the bottom right temperature are doing in the room, will be green if we are within the ranges established blue if it is colder than normal and red if we have spent in temperature. From here you also have quick access to notifications of movement and sound access.
If you click anywhere on the screen, on top will have the settings of the camera. The main options are on the length of the nails, on the LED (on or off) mode and day / night we want etc.
As for the configuration of events from the application we can adjust the temperature range, the detection level of sound and motion sensitivity also gives us the option of whether to record in 360p 720p 0. Finally, since the application can set display options such as resolution, brightness or speaker volume. Once you have tested the iOS app on iPad 2, let\’s try the Android application on a smartphone, namely a Samsung Galaxy S3.
Baby Mydlink Android
The mydlink Baby Monitor Camera for the Android application can be downloaded from this link or looking from App Store. The application worked perfectly in all tests, it is fast and we have not detected any failure a priori. The interface of the Android app is exactly like iOS, we have the same settings, same wizard and it helps. Although also in testing we used a router to connect to the portal mydlink Cloud, we\’ve tried to connect to the camera without infrastructure. When the camera detects that the Wi-Fi network is not our home about, issues its own wireless network so that we can connect with the mobile device to it without problems. In this way we can not connect laptops and manage the camera because we will not have Internet access, it is point to point connection, we will use the application specifically designed for it. Once you have thoroughly tested the camera and have met all the options, we will list your strengths and weaknesses, will finally see the final conclusions that we have drawn more than a week after testing the equipment.
Final Conclusions
We face the Baby 2.0, the D-Link DCS-825L mark a before and after in terms of monitoring our smaller concerns. D-Link was the first manufacturer to invest in a product specifically designed to monitor babies, putting all his experience in IP cameras with support Cloud to make a unique product. Some features such as HD viewing and recording, motion detector or wireless connectivity and cameras had other manufacturer. However, the incorporation of the temperature sensor or the ability to connect to the camera without an infrastructure is completely new, and it works really well.
The mobile application from which we manage the camera and all its options works perfectly, besides the application itself allows us to configure the camera from scratch, without using a computer with only our smartphone or tablet, providing the most of your tuning for less experienced parents. Integration with D-Link Cloud is perfect, as expected since spent years improving its platform. Notices in mobile applications are fast and very intuitive, we can know at any time what is happening in the room, we can also interact with the baby thanks to bidirectional audio that incorporates the camera. On the negative side we have found, the camera is not motorized, something that does not really matter because the baby is not usually move from his crib. Another negative is that we can not manage the camera in ad-hoc mode with a laptop, we use a mobile device, you may develop a D-Link application for computers, but today is not available.
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