Download Firmware SJCAM SJ4000

SJCAM SJ4000 Firmware Download. Well, let\’s be clear: it\’s really good! For a cam action at 100 €, I was really pleasantly surprised by the quality of videos in 1080p. In full sun the colors are bright and well contrasted without falling into the fake, the dynamic range is quite honest, the movements are fluid and the sharpness of the images is really flattering. In short for the summer at the beach and skiing in winter it is an excellent camera at this price. In low light and or indoors it is necessarily complicated. The small sensor starts to generate a lot of noise and the colors tend to start in red tones. It will nevertheless be possible to catch up with this post-production via editing software. The changes in brightness (indoor/outdoor, forest, passage under a tunnel, ect) are rather well managed, the camera reacts quickly and adjusts the exposure without too much loss.

SJCAM SJ4000 Firmware Update Download
During fast movements, we have quite a few motion artifacts even in 30 frames/second. The slow mode at 60 frames/second requires to go to the resolution of 720p and we can feel the difference with a Go Pro. The images are much less fluid and difficult to use once the background is not uniform enough. Personally I never use it in this mode. Another creative possibility: use SJCAM as a camera. The idea is wise because its format, its waterproofness and its Wifi app, the SJ4000 will allow you to try shooting out of the ordinary.

SJCAM SJ4000 Review & Firmware Download
SJCAM SJ4000 Firmware Download

Download Action Cam Firmware SJCAM SJ4000
In terms of functions everything is: simple mode, timelapse, HDR etc. By cons level quality, it\’s really average when you come out of great light. The lens at 170° makes the wide-angle side so dear to actioncams and with a maximum resolution of 4032 × 3024, you can easily make prints or share your photos on the net. The sound quality is rather bad. It\’s pretty classic on cams stock and in this area here no miracle. Without the waterproof case it will be just acceptable to film moments with friends or family but do not expect more. The SJ4000 is available in 2 versions: with or without Wifi, option at 40 €. With the equipped model, the camera can be controlled via the SJ CAM Zone app. A simple press on the side of the box and the screen shows you the name of the network and the password.

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Download Firmware Action Cam SJCAM SJ4000
The connection is simple and holds up to a distance of about 25 meters. All kinds of functions are available through the app; triggering, changing mode, changing settings but also downloading images and videos to your smartphone. We regret just the lack of a battery level indicator and filling the SD card. From form to functionality, the SJ4000 clearly stands out as a GoPro Hero. At a very affordable price level, it offers a very good video image quality and will perfectly capture your achievements.

Before the firmware update, please make sure to use a high quality class 10 memory card, a list of supported cards can be found HERE.
To upgrade the firmware properly, follow the steps carefully:
1. Power the camera off.
2. Remove the MicroSD card from the camera.
3. Reformat the MicroSD card using the FAT32 file format on your computer*.
4. Copy the firmware \’bin\’ file into the root directory of your MicroSD card, please keep the firmware \’bin\’ file\’s name.
5. Reinsert the SD card to your camera.
6. Connect the camera with charger, the camera will be upgraded automatically. If your battery was full, you do not need to connect the camera with charger.
7. After the firmware update was completed, please delete the \’bin\’ file.
*We recommend to do the format under Windows or MAC, some Linux users are getting problems updating because the format is not correct.

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