Download Firmware Sharkoon Skiller SGM2

Sharkoon Skiller SGM2 Gaming Mouse Firmware Download. I come from another one, a GXT 152 trust, the difference is noticeable. The Sharkoon Skiller SGM2 mouse is quite large in size compared to the average of a gaming mouse, I recommend it to those with a medium-large hand.

The polling rate is high (1000 hz), the rgb are very beautiful programmable in 7 different colors, the optical sensor is of an unknown brand alas but it does not look bad, indeed I would say that it is more than precise, the most comfortable grip for me is the palm grip. I can say that for only 17 euros it is a valid purchase, the Sharkoon does not disappoint with its products.

Sharkoon Skiller SGM2 Firmware & Short Review

Very nice to the eye, also very comfortable, fluid and customizable lighting. It also has two buttons to navigate the tabs, and go back and forth between pages. The only problem I found (also quite important) is that if you try to take quick shots with the arm the cursor goes a little on its own, but this can be fixed thanks to a very high DPA.

The Sharkoon Skiller SGM2 mouse is beautiful. Excellent workmanship and the RGB lighting is really nice. It works very well. The only problem I found is that it\’s really huge. Useful for those with big hands. I got it for my son but he can\’t even press the side buttons.

Wonderful mouse, I use it daily and not for gaming: fabulous sensor, ergonomic also for me who have a huge hand, comfortable and with a few easily accessible and adequately sized keys; pity only for the small wheel that does not transmit a feeling of solidity, and pity also for the fact that there is no lighting management program, entrusted exclusively to a switch placed under the mouse itself, which cannot be synchronized with the \’Skiller Mech SGK3 keyboard lighting

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At the beginning you have to take your hand, once you understand how to place it and using your thumb as a level at the time so that the mouse becomes one with your hand, comfortable, practical, ergonomic and luminescent thanks to the RGB LED even if preset they manage to show off all the colors of the rainbow.

Sharkoon Skiller SGM2 Firmware Update

The Sharkoon Skiller SGM2 is really of quality, you can see from the materials, from the compactness, everything gives the impression that it is very resistant. If you are looking for a very large mouse then it is ideal; from the photo does not make it, I was expecting something more compact instead I must say that it is really great. After all, I repeat, excellent.

I have been a Sharkoon customer for 2 years already. Needless to say, I also have the Sharkoon keyboard and computer parts. I got to try this mouse during Lucca Comics 2018 and I immediately fell in love with it. As soon as I got the chance, I bought it. I\’ve been playing and using it for days and I\’ve never felt so good. Recommended gaming mouse!

Sharkoon Skiller SGM2 is very comfortable to use especially for those with large hands, has an attractive design, the materials at first glance do not look bad and overall looks good. The only real problem is the lack of software to program the side buttons of the mouse and to change the colors of the LED, there is a button on the back but there are only preset settings.

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Windows Sharkoon Skiller SGM2 Driver Download (Software + Manual)

Sharkoon Skiller SGM2 Premium Content – Download PDF

Sharkoon Skiller SGM2 Manual – Download PDF

Sharkoon Skiller SGM2 Firmware for Windows – Download Zip

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