Download Firmware Router ASUS RT-N18U N600

Download Firmware Router ASUS RT-N18U N600. More analysis of neutral router ASUS RT-N18U N600. The main technical features of wireless connectivity is working only in the 2.4GHz band, can achieve speeds of up to 600Mbps in the 2.4GHz band with its three antennas in MIMO 3T3R configuration using Three-Stream technology and TurboQAM to achieve this velocity. The technology allows using 256QAM TurboQAM frequency modulation 64QAM instead of commonly used in this band. This team also includes WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) to quickly connect to the access point Wi-Fi with the press of a button, without entering a long and complex password. This equipment includes the AiRadar technology to focus the wireless signal to customers, this feature is more typical of the Wi-Fi AC technology but ASUS has extended this functionality to also use Wi-Fi equipment N. Finally, the firmware allows ASUSWRT create Wi-Fi networks guests to keep safe our privacy as we navigate because it does not have access to local resources.
ASUS RT-N18U This features four Gigabit Ethernet (10/100/1000 Mbps) ports for LAN, and Gigabit Ethernet port to the WAN (Internet), thus can connect cable modems and even ONT optical fiber having Internet connection. Thanks to NAT hardware, have a great Internet performance with a large number of threads, it does not possess the dreaded \”bottleneck\” in the Internet connections faster. This router has a single USB 3.0 port high performance and also a USB 2.0 port. We can use them to share files via FTP, Samba or HTTP, we may also share multimedia content in high definition thanks to its built-in DLNA server. ASUS AiCloud is a free application for mobile devices with iOS and Android operating system that allows us access to our private \”cloud\” anywhere, in a very simple way, we also have ASUS AIDisk to access content from outside. Another feature of this USB port is for connecting a 3G or 4G modem and use backup for fixed Internet connection if the latter fails.
Regarding the firmware ASUSWRT, is one of the most complete now as it is complementary functional with the latest FTTH connection Movistar also has a large number of features and services such as a VPN server and even a complete download manager with customer BitTorrent incorporated. This router can also be used in different configuration modes:
Router Mode: Dara Internet access through its WAN port, compatible with any operator Movistar including FTTH. Access Point mode: This equipment can operate in access point mode, can connect this equipment to the main router via cable and Wi-Fi issue. Thanks to its high gain antennas get great coverage at home. Universal Repeater (Range Extender) mode: This mode allows you to repeat the main wireless network, acting universal repeater and can use its Ethernet ports for connecting devices to the Home network and Bridge Mode: Act as client Wi-Fi and shared access to the local network via its LAN ports.
Download Firmware Router ASUS RT-N18U N600
External analysis
The ASUS RT-N18U router is presented in a black box with the main features on the front. We can see that this router ASUS RT-N18U is Wi-Fi N with a speed of up to 600Mbps, also has a great power for maximum wireless coverage and speed. We can also see that this router can not only act as such, but can also be used in AP mode, Universal Repeater (Range Extender) and even bridge (Media Bridge). At the bottom are other features such as having the AiRadar technology to focus the wireless signal where we connect also provides 150% more coverage than other teams. You can also see that holds up to 300,000 concurrent sessions, has a USB 3.0 port, high-performance USB 2.0 port and is compatible with AiCloud for access to shared content from our mobile devices.
In these tests use LAN JPerf to see how it behaves with multiple threads on the local network. As we told you in the internal analysis, this router has NAT hardware, and firmware implements this feature. With 100 concurrent TCP threads get a transfer rate 97,1MB / s, an excellent result. We can see how the wires are transferred at the same speed, this is synonymous with stability in the transfer through the NAT hardware. If we had this feature would see spikes up and down. With 250 thread get a speed 95,3MB / s, excellent performance. With this router will not have problems in transferring multiple files from the local network at high speed.
Again, we have seen how the hardware NAT router provides our great performance in these tests. We will have no problem transferring multiple files in local network, always have excellent performance. We must also say that the 1000 test has not been able to complete it successfully, it is strange that in the LAN will not be able to finish this test, being more typical of the LAN-WAN test does not finish successfully.
LAN-WAN tests
This test will simulate how it will behave with P2P as multiple threads connect from the LAN to the WAN. As I said earlier, this router has NAT hardware, and firmware implements this feature so we expect a great performance in this test. With threads 100 obtain a speed of 96,8MB / s, excellent performance. With this router will not have problems if we use P2P programs and have a high bandwidth Internet as 200Mbps or 100Mbps Jazztel Movistar via fiber to the home.
Testing LAN-WLAN (Wireless)
When checking if wireless speed and coverage falls short of the best, or whether on the contrary, is below has arrived. If this is the first time you see one of our analysis, we recommend reading our test bench Wireless. This time, because we TurboQAM in the 2.4GHz band, we decided to do all the tests directly JPerf and 50 TCP concurrent threads, you will the end result and also sync speed link Wireless coverage and performance of this router is excellent, in the next room has been able to achieve speeds of up 31,2MB / s by using the TurboQAM technology in the 2.4GHz band. In addition, the firmware can fix the channel width to 40MHz so we will always have the maximum possible performance. In remote locations AP as in the cellar, the speed remains excellent to get very good transfer rates. The combination of ASUS RT-N18U router and PCI-Express ASUS PCE-AC68 card is just perfect, and we should bear this in mind if you are going to purchase this router to take full advantage.
The USB tests are like that usually come by. Check the speed of reading and writing to NTFS format and that will copy files over 4GB (HD videos). We will make measurements with the Samba server that incorporates the router and also with the FTP server, both USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 port.
ASUS Setup Wizard
This router ASUS RT-N18u incorporates an intuitive wizard in three steps for the development of our Internet connection and to configure the wireless network almost automatically. In the first pantallanos indicates the main characteristics of the router, such as having 256MB of DDR3 RAM and 128MB NAND FLASH memory also indicates that use Broadcom platform to achieve outstanding performance. Other features detailing us is that ASUS AiCloud supports file sharing and also what they can to make your USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports. On the second screen, the router will allow us to change the username and password login to the router also will indicate if the password is weak or strong depending on the length and complexity that we introduce. It is advisable to have a strong password as it will be used to access the router management, FTP and also AiCloud team.
In the third screen, the Setup Wizard automatically detects your Internet connection and configure itself automatically. After a few seconds, it will automatically detect the parameters of the connection (PPPoE or DHCP) and we can assign different VLANs if your ISP uses (special requirement ISP). A clear example of using VLANs are in the FTTH mode Movistar or Jazztel, here we indicate the values of VID. Once we have introduced the Internet settings, we must put the name of the wireless network and password. Once it is finished, it will show a summary of the settings that we have indicated. Finally, it will take us to the main website router where we see that we are connected properly to the Internet and other router settings.
ASUSWRT is one of the most complete firmwares we have tested to date. This firmware has exactly the same appearance as the firmware of the router ASUS DSL-AC68u we have analyzed in RedesZone. ASUSWRT has the same visual appearance across all your computers, only change options depending on the characteristics of the router, for example if simultaneous dual-band or single band only if the router is xDSL or a neutral router. ASUS RT-N18U This has the potential to create up to three Wi-Fi networks guests, completely separated from the Home network without access to it, only to Internet. It also has an advanced and configurable QoS for maximum performance in online games, a configurable parental control for time. Regarding USB, has a number of options for sharing files via Internet also allows you to configure Samba, FTP, DLNA server, use it as a 3G / 4G modem, print server and Time Machine. Finally we find the complete download manager router with which we get the most from the computer. The router has AiCloud 2.0 to access the computer and local network from anywhere.
Regarding the advanced settings, we have a lot of options for configuring the Wi-Fi wireless network, such as fixing a 40MHz channel width, we can also set various operation modes such as AP WDS mode and the mode WDS + AP, finally, we will also have access to advanced options such as Wi-Fi TurboQAM, the beamforming or transmit power. As for the LAN options, we can change the range of IP, DHCP server, static routes and also enable Jumbo Frames or NAT acceleration. In the section we WAN main options to configure the Internet connection, including the \”Dual WAN\” to configure a second interface if the first falls not stay offline. Regarding IPv6 incorporates all the features if your ISP uses this standard instead of IPv4 Internet.
This device also incorporates a PPTP and OpenVPN server that can be enabled from the settings menu, the customization options are very advanced, if we OpenVPN to a text box where you enter advanced settings manually, something that third party firmwares also incorporate, in the latter case, the configurability is complete. As for the firewall, we have the typical features that incorporate all routers including URL filtering, keyword and configuration under IPv6. We believe that part of URL filters and keywords should be in the Parental Control menu as it is aimed specifically at this, and not on the menu firewalls.
Finally, this router logs all events in several logs to find any errors and also provides network analysis tools as \”ping\”, \”traceroute\” and a tool to \”wake up\” through Wake On LAN (WOL) to connected computers.
ASUS RT-N18U\’s not only allows use as wireless router, we can also use it as a universal repeater access point and even as a bridge only. In the administration menu can change the behavior of a quick and easy way, besides the menu indicates the changes that will occur and how network architecture that once we made the changes. One of today\’s most important in a high-end router aspects is its compatibility with standard 802.1Q VLAN Tagging. This standard has become very popular in fiber optic connections to the home as Movistar or Jazztel, without this standard could not use the neutral router replacing giving operators usually have a very low yield.

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