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Razer Mamba Elite Gaming Mouse Firmware Update. In the past I had: Razer Imperator 2012, Razer Imperator 2014 and Razer Mamba Torunament Edition (same shape as this) then due to synapse 2.0 software that churned the mouse I decided to change after almost 2 years and it was a bad choices.

Razer Mamba Elite Manual & Firmware Download

Logitech immediately 403 is excellent but I had to change it after 6 months because it made coil noise when you moved it! (with a silent PC it is unacceptable, also because you only hear it on your right ear) and now we return to the legendary Razer Mamba (new version).

Razer Mamba Elite Pros:

  • – Razer Mamba Elite is always the best in terms of ergonomics, it doesn\’t hurt my hand even after a few hours of playing and web / programming unlike Logitech.
  • – Razer Mamba Elite software Synapse 3.0, new version, everything seems fine, it has many functions that I consider useful, since the mouse has 9 programmable buttons, which unlike other brands you can do with it what you want (eg I put copy paste in the buttons below, with other brands you can\’t even double click). Save the top in the cloud, or with few functions even on the mouse. I will not stay here to list all the possible things, they are many and good, in addition to those of the LED that I usually turn off. (actually speaking of LED there is a new useful function that deactivates the LEDs after x minutes of inactivity, so excellent)
  • – Razer Mamba Elite cable made well, does not create friction like on other mice, rubber pads on the mouse excellent for lateral grip.
  • – Razer Mamba Elite has updated the sensor, from optical to laser or vice, I don\’t remember, cmq very well.
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The other reviews below are all biased or to be taken with a grain of salt because they have it for free anyway I recommend it at the moment. The old one was top but it was the software that then got worse making the product unusable. With synapse 3.0 there should be no problems.

Razer Mamba Elite Cons:

  • – Alternative price haha, as always you pay the razer fee. But I must say that even the corsair and logitech now cost from € 60 upwards without offering anything special. I would have kept the logitech 403 which is very light and precise but after 6 months it had some hardware problems and among other things on long sessions it bothered the hand.

If you want more details go to youtube and look for the model on the Rocket Jump channel Ninja that I used to compare other mice to see defects and merits and understand the size of the mouse / grip (like claw / palm / finger).

Razer Mamba Elite Firmware Update

Razer Mamba Elite looks like a good mouse, comfortable and light, but it has a very serious flaw for me, which is not adequately communicated: it does not work on Mac, which makes it a useless junk that I will have to get rid of as soon as possible. The problem is that it is recognized and programmed only with Razer Synapse 3 software, while on the Mac OS this version is not there, we are stuck at 2.

I wrote to Razer to understand what the problem was and there seems to be no plan to update the Mac OS software, so I just have to return it. I also tried to install a third driver (USB overdrive) and to update the firmware, but there is no way. What to say? For a company that wants to interpret excellence in mice, this thing is embarrassing, indeed shameful.

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Taken after 4 mice changed (I didn\’t like it) and looking for a wireless alternative to classic gaming mice, for 4 years I had had a good experience with an Abyssus Mouse (2014 model) and after several unhappy choices to replace it I came to this after a lucky offer. What can I say, two weeks after his arrival, I am very happy and I am very happy with it (it is a bit bulky for my hands but its ergonomics has a design that helps even a hand not as big as mine). The Razer Mamba Elite Synapse 3 software is really well done and you can manage the chroma of the lights in a very different way.

Razer Mamba Elite Firmware Download + Manual

Razer Mamba Elite Master Guide PDF – Download

Razer Mamba Elite Firmware Updater for Windows

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