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Wired / Wireless USB MFP Server
Shares your MFP (All-in-One Printer) PS-1206MF allows for you to share your multi operate printer to your network. All customers can share the printing perform by way of the community, as well as scanning, card reader and faxing. Simply join the multi perform print server through Edimax print server and attach it to your router, and after some effortless configurations, customers can use windows or MFP companies\’ utilities to print, scan and fax records. With its bi-directional communications, PS-1206MF can reveal printer\’s repute like ink stages and paper levels. PS-1206MF supplies the first-rate solution for users to share MFP with ease and readily. Print Server windows 98SE/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003, MAC OS 9.X above and Linux/Unix PS-1206MF can operate as a average print server to share printing function (MFPs or ordinary printers) to all community users. It supports TCP/IP, NetBEUI, Linux and MAC network protocol. Customers can decide on any printing approaches like LPR, IPP, uncooked Printing and Unix Logical printing protocols to fulfill their atmosphere.
Firmware PS-1206MF Download
Supplies accomplished Printing approaches PS-1206MF involves average print server operate that may help LPR, IPP, raw Printing and Unix Logical Printer printing ways. That you can select the first-class printing procedure in step with your atmosphere. Suitable with most preferred operating programs. PS-1206MF can work in all primary running systems (windows 98SE/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003, MAC OS (9.X above) and Unix/Linux. Users can share scanning, printing, card reader and faxing functions of the MFP when their laptop\’s OS are windows 2000 SP4 above and home windows XP SP1 above, at the same time they may be able to share printing function of natural printers in most standard operation systems (windows, Linux, Unix and MAC…).
Firmware PS-1206MF Download:
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