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Utilizing more desirable picture processing and sensor-shift Shake Reduction technology to their fullest potential, the K-three II from Pentax is an advanced DSLR optimized for each high-velocity and excessive-decision capturing. Featuring a 24.35 MP APS CMOS sensor and a PRIME III photograph processor, this digital camera is capable of shooting up to eight.3 fps, complete HD video recording, and has a sensitivity variety from ISO a hundred-51200.
Benefitting the image best is a selectable anti-aliasing filter out, which may be turned on or off to either garner the best decision and sharpness feasible or provide enhanced safety against moiré, and the in-digital camera image stabilization compensates for up to 4.5 stops of digicam shake for sharper imagery. This sensor-shift design further lends itself to the Pixel Shift Resolution feature, which composites four separate exposures right into a unmarried body even as transferring the sensor in one pixel increments between every shot in an effort to advantage truer colorations, more resolving energy, and reduced noise.
Also making use of the sensor-shift mechanism, an AstroTracer feature utilizes the in-camera GPS module along with the moving sensor to compensate for the Earth\’s rotation and minimize the arrival of celebrity trails when photographing the middle of the night sky.
Complementing the imaging talents, a SAFOX11 autofocus system utilizes 27 distinct segment-detection factors, 25 of which are cross-kind, to speedy and appropriately collect awareness. Enhanced continuous autofocus mode keeps essential attention on shifting subjects more effortlessly, and the 86k-pixel RGB exposure metering sensor also aids in focusing overall performance by way of providing a metering range all the way down to -three EV.
Also assisting the K-three II\’s use in trying conditions is a durable magnesium alloy and stainless steel frame layout that includes ninety two distinct seals to render it water, cold, and dust-resistant. A massive zero.95x optical pentaprism viewfinder allows vibrant, eye-degree viewing with a hundred% frame insurance while a three.2\” 1.03m-dot LCD reveal lets in for accurate live view shooting and photo playback.
24.35 MP APS-C CMOS Sensor and PRIME III Processor
A big 24.35 MP APS-C CMOS sensor and PRIME III photo processing engine work collectively to permit excessive-resolution imaging and full HD video recording with first rate low-light sensitivity from ISO 100-51200. The picture processor additionally contributes to a wealth of taking pictures speed for the digital camera, inclusive of a pinnacle complete-decision continuous capturing price of 8.3 fps for up to 23 consecutive RAW photos or 60 JPEGs and a most shutter velocity of 1/8000 sec. This notably long lasting, superior shutter mechanism employs a 3-motor gadget that independently regulates the shutter, reflect, and diaphragm to limit replicate shock for appropriately-rendered images while shooting at better body rates.
Selectable Anti-Aliasing Filter
A unique and modern mechanism permits you to toggle an anti-aliasing clear out effect either on or off, presenting support for each the high-decision skills of a filter-less design as well as advanced moiré safety. With the filter inside the Off function, the digicam is extra prone to obtaining most sharpness, decision, and element from an photo for the best attainable photograph quality.
When the clear out role is set to either Type1 or Type2, an anti-aliasing simulator applies microscopic vibrations to the photograph sensor unit in the course of exposure; running to create the identical effect as an optical anti-aliasing filter. Having each alternatives available extends the digicam\’s versatility and allows personalised selection of the blessings exceptional-ideal to individual programs. Additionally, AA clear out simulation settings also can be bracketed for instances while the likelihood of moiré is unknown.
Pixel Shift Resolution and Diffraction Correction
For increasing the powerful resolving strength, reducing noise, and attaining a greater refined colour palette, Pixel Shift Resolution era composited four sequentially recorded stills whilst moving the photo sensor in one pixel increments in each direction after each exposure. This permits every pixel to report its own unique set of RGB records, as opposed to having each pixel record only crimson, green, or blue values in step with publicity and de-mosaicing or interpolating this information to shape a very last photograph
Since no interpolation is used, truer colorings and reduced noise is possible, as well as multiplied part sharpness and apparent clarity. This mode is handiest when photographing desk bound gadgets from a tripod due to the prolonged duration and precision required at some stage in the system.
Also helping to growth sharpness, a Diffraction Correction characteristic gives an powerful two forestall improvement in regard to the effects of diffraction and other aberrations not unusual to working with smaller aperture sizes. This generation is feasible due to the heightened processing abilties of the PRIME III engine, and can also be carried out to imagery throughout in-camera uncooked report improvement.
SAFOX11 Autofocus System
The SAFOX11 autofocus device employs 27 awesome phase-detection factors, which include 25 go-kind sensors, to quick and accurately collect awareness on subjects in a selection of lights conditions. Three principal points also cover an f/2.8 luminance flux to extended sensitivity while working in lights conditions as low as -3 EV. Also benefitting autofocus performance, the 86k-pixel RGB exposure metering sensor, mild source sensor, and AF assist mild assist to further refine the focusing accuracy regardless of operating in hard conditions.
The AF-C (continuous AF) set of rules additionally benefits from using the exposure metering sensor, which aids in preserving responsive and accurate monitoring overall performance on shifting topics, mainly when shifting perpendicular to the digicam. AF-S (single-shot AF) overall performance has also been increased and calls for much less redundant movement, or best-adjustment searching, prior to acquiring consciousness.
86k-Pixel RGB Sensor Exposure Metering
In addition to benefitting the AF overall performance of the K-3 II, the 86k-pixel RGB sensor also helps to make certain correct and steady exposure metering with various -3 to +20 EV. A Real-Time Scene Analysis System analyzes the scene and concern at hand, and employs publicity meter readings and both coloration distribution and coloration movement detection to supply an publicity able to great-rendering topics.
Sensor-Shift Type Shake Reduction
With the inclusion of a excessive sensitivity gyro sensor, in-digital camera sensor-shift kind Shake Reduction (SR) works to reduce the advent of camera shake by way of 4.5 EV steps when the usage of any hooked up lens. Ideal for working in low-mild conditions or with longer lenses, because the photograph stabilization is located inside the frame, each past, legacy lenses as well as present day Pentax lenses all receive the benefits of SR. This photo stabilization device can also discover horizontal panning motion and compensate for the lateral motion all through taking pictures.
GPS, Electronic Compass, and AstroTracer
A built-in GPS module and digital compass permit you to geotag your imagery at some point of capturing for plotting to interactive maps to song where and whilst your pictures have been made on Google Earth.
Also benefitting from the GPS module, in addition to the Shake Reduction sensor-shift mechanism, the K-three II functions a completely unique AstroTracer feature to higher allow making lengthy exposures of the midnight sky. Using the GPS coordinates and orientation of the digicam, the image sensor will shift during the direction of an publicity which will make amends for the Earth\’s rotation and prevent superstar trails from going on; resulting in sharper, clearer imagery and alleviating the want for an non-compulsory equatorial mount.
Full HD 1080p Video Recording and Time Lapse Movies
Full HD 1920 x 1080 video recording is supported in more than one body prices, such as 60i, 50i, 30p, 25p, and 24p, inside the remarkable H.264 layout. HD 1280 x 720 video is also supported in 60p, 50p, 30p, 25p, and 24p body quotes. Audio can be recorded along with video the use of the integrated microphone or, additionally, a 3.5mm microphone terminal is available for use of an outside mic.
Beyond general movie recording, an c language timer can also be used for making time-lapse sequences, which may be saved at 4K decision (3840 x 2160) and compiled into a Motion JPEG report for seamless playback. The c language timer permits you to document up to two,000 consecutive frames with an c program languageperiod of two seconds to 24 hours between each frame, and a 2 2nd to 24 hour time postpone available. When compositing frames, you can use Additive, Average, or Bright settings to smooth the transitions between frames.
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