Download Firmware Panasonic Lumix DMC-G7

Panasonic Lumix DMC-G7 Firmware Update. From the first contacts, you will not be mistaken: you are on a Panasonic hybrid, recognizable among thousands because of the profusion of buttons and keys in all directions. A justifiable abundance on a professional box like the GH4, but which seems incongruous, or even useless limit, on a Lumix G7 which is intended as well for the beginning photographers, as the photographers wishing to evolve in their practice and the photographers abandoning their SLR systems to go upmarket, but in hybrid. The target of the G7 is both fuzzy and extremely clear: a little everyone and, so that everyone can find a shoe to his feet, it is necessary that said shoe can be a minimum customizable.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-G7 Firmware Download

You will quickly forget about the Lumix G7 that it includes five physical Fn keys and five virtual Fn keys (via the multitouch screen ), all customizable at will, since you will like equally fast the double wheels on the left shoulder, the wide viewfinder Oled borrowed from GH4, the multitouch swivel screen that is the best and most responsive on the market (at the time we write these lines). You\’ll appreciate Panasonic\’s efforts to look after the quality of construction and, no matter how big your hand is, it will wrap itself tightly around the beautifully designed handle.

In terms of handling, we could spend hours to epilogue the cascade of menus and sub-menus of the Lumix G7, which would lead us to the end of the night and insomnia, but instead make the choice of to be radically brief: this hybrid has everything; absolutely everything. An electronic shutter at 1/16 000? He has it. Move and enlarge the AF point through the touch screen while framing through the electronic viewfinder? He can. Finely adjust its image rendering or opt for an artistic filter? No problem! Focus peaking, zebras, extended dynamics, real-time diffraction correction? Of course!

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And we could continue, again and again. In fact, it is very difficult to default to this Lumix G7, but that does not mean it does not. It all depends on what you consider a defect. For example, why is Wi-Fi always present when the NFC is gone? Why highlight the video skills, but deprive the case of a headphone jack? Come on, do not sulk: the 1,200 mAh battery will easily carry you up to half a thousand pictures, unless you drain all its energy to navigate the menus and play with the 4K Photo function, on which we return to in the box. Here are the firmware:

DOWNLOAD Panasonic Lumix DMC-G7 Firmware:

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