Download Firmware Nikon Keymission 80

Nikon Keymission 80 Firmware Download. This Nikon Keymission 80 action cam is as expected. Is available very quickly and can be operated relatively simple. Use on trails where you just want to shoot or film quickly. This is not so easy and straightforward with mobile phones or regular cameras.

Nikon Keymission 80 Driver Download

And for such operations, I used and bought the KeyMission 80. The Nikon KeyMission 80 is certainly the most useless photo camera ever developed. With a resolution of 12.71 megapixels and a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, the performance is okay but not great. The focal length is 25 millimeters.

The electronic image stabilization method for the video function is already somewhat underachieving. This also applies to the refresh rate at Full HD of 60p. Plain: the camera of the iPhone 7 is objectively powerful. If you have a smartphone, you do not need this Nikon KeyMission 80. Who has a powerful compact camera, not synonymous.

Flash does not know the device. You can turn on a long press on the menu button, a LED light, but which offers no added value. Clear plus in the compact structure: LxWxH = 15.0×44.8×86.5 mm. Extremely light 74g weight. Fits in any trouser pocket. Thus, the device is actually ideal for ambitious mountain tours.

Nikon Keymission 80 Firmware Update

The scope of delivery also includes a camera holder with fastening straps. Easy to attach to rucksacks. Functional and resistant. Still, it\’s not a real outdoor camera. Fall heights of 150 centimeters on flat surfaces to withstand the device. In the mountain rather unlikely environment. The workmanship is excellent. This is known from Nikon.

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Also, the software works flawlessly. The operation is intuitive. The menu guidance goes fast without many subchapters. You do not have to study computer science here to take some decent photos. Intended for quick use in rough terrain. And you also notice the trigger.

Extremely fast! Even running dogs gets scanned quite sharply. The switch-on time is impressive. Briefly press the trigger and you are ready to record. Takes much shorter than unlocking a smartphone. The panorama function is a nice gimmick, which is comparable to simple smartphones. In addition, it is easier by hand, because you can just use this Nikon KeyMission 80 with just one hand.

If you want to shoot simple pictures, born of the situation, you will have a lot of fun with this Nikon KeyMission 80. I hate to take a smartphone with me on my dog ​​tours. Goes too fast. With this small camera you still get cool photos in close-ups and also for simple landscape shots. I do not want to miss her. If you are in Japan, you can visit this link: カメラサポート.


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