Download Firmware Nikon Keymission 170

Nikon Keymission 170 Firmware Download. I am a newcomer to a GoPro Hero HD2 can only report between these two models. The advantages of the KeyMission 170 compared to the GoPro Hero HD2: I like to charge batteries externally, the GoPro always lost all settings. At the Keymission they remain even after a battery change. The Keymission 170 is waterproof even without additional housing. The metal case, for me next to the menu guide the transfer reason number 1 and with the quality of the pictures and films, I am so far satisfied. Disadvantages: The GoPro accessory shoe (adhesive mountings) does NOT match the Keymission, existing accessories can continue to be used with a tripod adapter (ASIN: B00LFHS5HM), however, can be so mounted side-turn the camera.

Nikon Keymission 170 Driver Download
The Nikon accessory shoe is next to the tripod thread a small pin that protects the camera from lateral twisting. The screen is quite small. No independent on / off button. For me, the camera has activated several times in the bag. Own buttons for photo and film are basically a good idea, however, poorly implemented here. I just do not understand how to get such fantasy prices. The AA-7 has 5 threads of metal, looks higher quality and costs less than the AA-10 \”only\” is a plastic part? With such completely exaggerated prices clearly the view on third manufacturers is recommended. For the AA-10, the ASIN would be B00MPMTDOA, or B071X8WW3H. One third of the original part. Both made of plastic with a metal spring. The \”SnapBridge\” and \”SnapBridge 360/170\”.

Nikon Keymission 170 Firmware Update
Nikon Keymission 170 Firmware Download

Download Action Cam Firmware Nikon Keymission 170
I had the first installed and annoyed that it does not work. It was simply the wrong app. The KeyMission 170 needs \”SnapBridge 360/170\”. Then it works too. There was no problem with the connection. However, I had expected to see a live image of the camera on the app, no indication! So \”brings me\” the app in any case, nothing. I usually change settings once and I can do that on the camera. Triggered by the remote control. For this I do not need an app just because it\’s currently in. The plan was that the camera comes in the last US holiday on 12.12.2016 for the first use. On 10.12.2016 I had the batteries charged and noticed that the supplied EN-EL 12 after 2 days in the camera (without use) was completely empty.

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Download Firmware Action Cam Nikon Keymission 170
Time for research was no longer so I kept the battery and camera separately. On vacation then the next shock, the camera \”bag\” was quite warm. When I wanted to take the camera out of the bag, the case was heated so much that a touch was almost impossible. With a cloth as heat protection, I then removed the battery. In the middle was visible that he was \”swollen\”. From that moment on, I removed the battery after each use. A measurement at home has shown that the battery in the original state in the middle is 7.1 mm thick. The swollen was 7.5mm. That is only 0.4mm but it was clearly visible. Already on vacation, I had contacted Nikon. Maybe the problem was already known. As expected, however, I was only advised to send the camera to a service center. What I did not do due to bad experiences with other manufacturers.

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Mac OS: Firmware Nikon Keymission 170 Version 1.2 F-KM170-V12M.dmg (Approx. 42.33 MB)
Windows: Firmware Nikon Keymission 170 Version 1.2 F-KM170-V12W.exe (Approx. 34.72 MB)

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