Download Firmware INSTAR IN-6001HD IP Camera

INSTAR IN-6001HD Firmware Download. The INSTAR IN-6001HD IP cam is my first cam at all, so I have no comparison possibility. I hit the Amazon Blitzdeals. I decided for the white variant, because it should be noticed if possible. Folds quite well. The INSTAR IN-6001HD impression is unfortunately not the best. Everything from plastic, even the writing to adjust the inclination. Since I did not want the film immediately in the wall, I put it on my wall cover box. Here is the first problem. The tilt can not be adjusted so that the cam looks down.
INSTAR IN-6001HD Software Download
I can cover a wide width but the area of ​​3 meter radium under the cam not. Too bad! Since the box at approximately 2 meter height is synonymous, the power cable is much too short. Why is not a power supply with 3 meter cable attached? This causes additional costs and wastes resources for the power supply that is too short. This device went to something try and error, if one is something with the PC and IP address allocation is known and adheres to the guidance. I use the Instar app and the PC, as well as my Synology NAS.
INSTAR IN-6001HD Firmware & Software Download
INSTAR IN-6001HD Firmware Download

Download Software IP Camera INSTAR IN-6001HD
Both the access from the PC as well as with the app in the house as well as on the road works great. One point has already been mentioned in other reviews and these are the red luminous LEDs in the night, which are immediately noticeable in the dark and thus the purpose of the nightly inconspicuous space monitoring ad absurdum. This would have to be solved. Also, the switching on the LEDs caused a loud click, so that the better done manually or time-controlled. I can recommend the INSTAR IN-6001HD cam as a beginner cam very much and consider me still one or the same IN-6014 because of the pivotability. Depending on which one is more on offer.
Download Firmware IP Camera INSTAR IN-6001HD
As soon as I know about everything and has been laying outside cabling, I will look for an Instar model for outdoor. For me, the collaboration with my various Synology NAS and the service was in addition to the quality of the pictures and / or videos in the foreground, because I have no experience and a good community / service therefore immensely important, if one has problems. Well, I also found before buying that questions were answered here in the product commentary. Therefore, there are 4 stars! A star trigger due to the cheap housing and limited visibility at the standing elevated lineup.
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