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Firmware EKEN H9R After my not so enjoyable experience, I was contacted by the customer service of the seller, whereupon I was told that both the app and the camera were revised by the engineers and I like a free Would like to send a model for testing. After agreeing to the free model, I received the camera within a week. Unfortunately, the test has been delayed, because it was the free model to a model without batteries and I therefore first had to order the battery. After another week passed, I was finally able to test the camera and was surprised that FINALLY worked flawlessly. The videos and pictures are running smoothly, which was not the case before. For sure a thumbs up! The app is also running smoother compared to the first test. There is one star deduction, because there are still problems with 4k recordings. Would only have been nice if the 4k option would also run smoothly, which is not to be expected at 20FPS. In short: Who wants to have a camera under 100EUR and 4k is not necessarily a must, will hardly do anything wrong with this camera. However, if you really want to produce professional footage in 4k, you should dig a little deeper into your wallet and take a camera with 4k at min. Access 30FPS.
EKEN H9R Firmware Download It may be that photo connoisseurs or image processing fans see minor flaws in the image quality. I see nothing. For me, the photos were so good even in bad weather or twilight, that I could calm down afterwards on the big TV as slideshow could show. The pictures were sharp and fairly colourfast. Even with a restless hand while walking, there were no blurred pictures. But what really takes some getting used to is the fisheye look, which can not be changed. There is no zoom, there is no image correction. It\’s just an action cam and that\’s how it works. Of course, you can edit the photos later with suitable programs, if you want that.
Firmware EKEN H9R Instaler Picture good and very sharp, the colors are pretty original (I filmed consistently with the 1080er attitude, everything else eats too much memory). Selfie movies have no control screen. You have to experiment a bit to know how to hold the camera to record yourself. This is made easier by the fisheye optics. I had the bow out quickly after a few test movies. Of course, there is no automatic stabilization and therefore the picture wobbles exactly as the hand wobbles. I used the cam in the evening with outstretched arm for selfie shooting. The picture did not shake very much when I talked normally. On the subject of \”demolition of recordings\” I can not understand the rare bad reviews. I had zero problems.

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