Download Firmware Dualav DV714BH Audio System

Dualav DV714BH Firmware Download. The car speakers for new sound experiences. Music lovers do not want to give up excellent sound and plenty of bass even on car rides. You value a great sound experience in your vehicle? Equip your car with a high-quality speaker and enjoy the excellent sound. At MediaMarkt, you get many car hi-fi products in different quality levels, from the car speakers through the car bass set to the subwoofer. So you can be on the street according to your wishes. You will find suitable individual components and complete sets for your car in the online shop. The purchasing consultant will introduce you to the various products and will give you useful tips for your purchase.

Dualav DV714BH Firmware Update

Car subwoofer with groove
If you want to hear the latest radio hits or your favorite music in the best quality, you need a good sound system. The subwoofer is a powerful speaker that enhances sound and intensifies low frequency signals. This is the bass in songs very well to advantage. Auto Subwoofers are specially designed for installation in the vehicle and are available in several versions. Depending on the design, the subwoofers are either installed under the seat, in the spare wheel well or in the trunk in a bass box. Active car subwoofers have a built-in amplifier, unlike passive models, so no separate power amp is required. With a subwoofer in the car, you can enjoy optimized music enjoyment in the car and play your bass-heavy playlists.
Built-in speaker for the car
Built-in loudspeakers for the car offer the advantage that they fit perfectly into the interior trim of the vehicle. The space-saving models are visually hardly noticeable, making it all the more great for sound.
What to look for when buying car speakers?
When you buy new car speakers, the question arises about the size you want, the sound quality and the system. 2-way speakers are more compact in their design and can be easily integrated into the vehicle. If you like to hear your music loud, the 3-way speakers with high-, mid- and woofers are recommended. In triax and coax systems, all components are installed in a box. The range also includes first-class amplifiers for your car in all price ranges. With the right power amp you complete your sound system and enjoy full bass and a great sound experience. Whether you are looking for a low-cost entry-level device or a high-end amplifier, choose the car HiFi device that best suits your needs.
DOWNLOADS (Click the link to download):

DV714BH – DVD Receiver with 7\” LCD, Bluetooth & HDMI

Firmware Update Files and Instructions

*Download MCU Firmware 
*UpdateDownload MPEG Firmware 
*UpdateDownload Upgrade Instructions

Updates and Improvements 

  • Corrected display settings (Brightness, color)
  • Bluetooth quality improved
  • DVD reading improved
  • USB read speed and file structure improved
  • Added 3 band EQ and Subwoofer control
  • ASP audio setting: EQ frequency control, Q control
  • Loudness frequency control
  • Freezing issue on low voltage
  • HDMI image quality fixed
  • Other misc. bugs fixed (GUI)
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