Download Firmware Dualav DV1014BH Car Audio System

Dualav DV1014BH Firmware Download. The car loudspeakers in cars have to be designed for extreme compromises. In a car, for example, all persons sit at defined positions, which are maintained while driving. The positioning, the radiation behavior and the sound intensity of the speakers must be adapted to it.

Dualav DV1014BH Firmware Update

What are car speakers?
In addition, the listening experience in the car is affected by the car\’s own noise and other environmental noise. Furthermore, the traffic safety must always be ensured, especially the driver must remain focused despite loudspeakers through loudspeakers and, for example, be able to perceive warning signals such as sirens of emergency vehicles. Added to this are mechanical stresses on the speakers due to vibrations and shocks in and through the vehicle itself. These are when mounting the speaker chassisJust as with the suspension of the loudspeaker diaphragm in the chassis itself. The use of resonant volumes depends on the space available in the vehicle. With all limitations and factors to be considered, a good sound reproduction in the car is sought, which comes as close as possible to the acoustic conditions in the speakerphone use in the home living room.
Not to be underestimated is the fact that in vehicles much larger fluctuations of the temperature and (air) humidity occur than in closed rooms in buildings. These fluctuations make high demands on the choice of materials and the design of the car speakers. High- quality, durable materials such as glass-fiber reinforced plastic, high-tech fabrics and carbon inserts as well as non-magnetic chassis and multi-coated paper membranes have prevailed. The materials used have an impact on pricing. Some speaker models have voice coil ventilation to prevent performance degradation when heated.
Which technical data are relevant for car speakers?
In addition to the dimensions and shapes, electrical parameters must be observed when using the car speakers. This includes:
  1. Maximum: Maximum power in watts should be noted that the music performance is a non-standard specification for the performance of a speaker or audio amplifier.
  2. RMS: Power RMS power is the average power over a given frequency band. The signal is a pink noise within the frequency band. Pink noise decreases with increasing frequency. The abbreviation RMS stands for Root Mean Square.
  3. Impedance: The impedance, also known as AC resistance, indicates the ratio of electrical voltage to the current consumed at a load.
DOWNLOADS (Click the link below to download):

DV1014BH – DVD Receiver with 10.1\” LCD, Bluetooth & HDMI

Firmware Update Files and Instructions

Download MCU Firmware UpdateDownload MPEG Firmware UpdateDownload Upgrade Instructions

Updates and Improvements 

  • Corrected display settings (Brightness, color)
  • Bluetooth quality improved
  • DVD reading improved
  • USB read speed and file structure improved
  • Added 3 band EQ and Subwoofer control
  • ASP audio setting: EQ frequency control, Q control
  • Loudness frequency control
  • Random reset fixed
  • HDMI image quality fixed
  • Other misc. bugs fixed (GUI)
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