Download Firmware Draytek Vigor 2130n

Broadband VPN Router
The manufacturer is one of the DrayTek old hands in the modem and router business and with his Vigor 2130 Series offers three high-performance products. The presented n-model has a 300 Mbit / s Fast-Fi and has to offer a lot more of good features. Who in addition Voice over IP required, can order the Vn version.
Firmware Draytek Vigor 2130n Download
Draytek Vigor 2130n
Vigor 2130n
Technical equipment
The white broadband router has a gigabit WAN port and thus ideally equipped for use on the cable modem. DSL users have to have the appropriate modem already to use the Vigor 2130n can. The extra-wide WAN Access creates a high degree of flexibility when connecting much power is demanded. The white case somehow reminds me of a lady\’s handbag with three antennas at the narrow side of the connectors are housed. There you will find the four Gigabit Ethernet jacks for connection to a fleet cable network that automatically recognize the bandwidth requirements of an application and provide optimal data throughput. Should turn the cable network once, you can alternatively use the USB port with a 3G stick and configure it as a second Internet access. Operation of Vigor router is quite simple, though in English, designed and allows even beginners to quickly configure the network. Thus, for QoS (Quality of Service), adapt bandwidth, range, filter URLs and Web content as well as the firewall in a short time to your own needs. The USB interface can be used for printers and DLNA and iTunes. In the VPN method LL2TP and IPSec with all appliances was a mutual connection can be established. Although the Setup Wizard suggests the contrary, you should encrypt the wireless necessarily WPA2.
Purchase recommendation
Who wants to use the full range of features of the Vigor 2310n, Amazon has around 160 EUR shell out and can then benefit from a quick traffic with and without VPN.
Firmware Draytek Vigor 2130n Download:

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