Download Firmware D-LINK DNS-325 NAS

Download Firmware D-LINK DNS-325 NAS. Today we present an approach focussing intensively using your home computer and internet network. The D-Link NAS we discussed today, DNS-325 model is able to integrate up to 4TB capacity within two hard drives of 2TB capacity. This NAS has a multitude of options thanks to software that incorporates such as creating RAIDs to provide greater security of our data if a hard drive fails. It also incorporates a manager HTTP and FTP downloads, a Bittorrent client, FTP and NFS servers. This equipment is aimed at average users since its installation is very simple. For advanced users recommend creating a home NAS from 0 in which we can get a lot more software and do from Radius servers to mount a DLNA, and above all, we all (and manual) control of all internal processes.
This D-Link NAS comes in a large orange box to house the device. The main features of the NAS, as it is capable of storing up to 4TB in 2 hard drives, Gigabit connectivity or that has a Media Server for movies besides many other features. Also see \”dlinkgreen\” for energy savings, most manufacturers are including these savings to their devices. In the back see scheme with a home network installed therein NAS. As you can see, also has print server if you have a printer that is only USB. With NAS, come warranty papers, an installation CD, a cable network rather long to connect wherever you have installed, and the power adapter. Here we can see the NAS D-Link DNS-325 at its best, has a rather small considering that there are two hard drives 3.5 \”up to 2TB capacity each. Here is a front view of NAS, at the bottom we see the power LED, hard drive right (RIGHT), USB hard disk and finally left (LEFT). Nor will see much LEDs as they usually will not see because we will place under the table and not above it … we have enough stuff on the tables to also put the NAS. The right side of the NAS, we can see how the shell is removed to insert the hard drives inside. At the back we can see the fan to evacuate hot air from inside. A nice touch for that hard drives do not catch high temperatures.
Download Firmware D-LINK DNS-325 NAS
Download Firmware D-LINK DNS-325. At the bottom we have the power connector, the RESET button, the Gigabit Ethernet interface, a USB port for sharing printers or removable drives and also a button to copy the contents of the USB or disassembly. We have already seen the NAS from outside and all connections, now is time to remove the lid and see where the hard drives are housed.
Internal Analysis
Remove the front cover, and we see the two bays for SATA hard drives 2. Installation is very simple, just take the hard drive and put it in the correct position until the end. In the right part of the picture we see pads to prevent vibration. Detail of the inside of the NAS which connect hard drives, on the left we have the contact data and the (larger) right supply the hard disk.
Downloading Torrents:
We downloaded all Ubuntu distributions that are currently in the official web simultaneously, and the result has been very satisfactory. Down to the maximum speed of our line has not collapsed nor has shown signs of weakness.
Setup menus and options NAS. Although the installation CD comes a Wizard to configure the NAS properly, we have directly hehco a RESET (to make sure it is with the factory settings), then we have connected to our router with DHCP enabled. We caught the LAN IP address of the NAS via the router menu and have entered the NAS placing in the top bar of the browser:
This D-Link NAS we have discussed today, is intended for those beginners-media users who want to have all your media in one place and share network. The Bittorrent functions, and additions as Amule will not have to have your PC on at night, this device is synonymous with stability and performance and we have obtained very good results in Read / Write on the hard disk. The ability to RAID 1 will give us guarantees that our data is safe. We miss the optional software does not include advanced programs such as VPN servers, RADIUS servers, and a long list of interesting services under Linux that does include FreeNAS.
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