Download Firmware D-LINK DCS-5010L Home Monitor 360

D-LINK DCS-5010L Home Monitor 360 Software Download. Equivalent full of expectation. Message on the road, and control over the iPhone is just awesome. The setting of Dlink is easy. Too bad that no operating instructions and installation was provided. I\’m not a techie, and had some trouble during the installation, and therefore only 4 stars. For this price range really top. Was on vacation and I have ordered a few days before 2 these cameras here at Amazon. The picture quality is good. Had me when motion is detected, a mail can send onto the smartphone, what really works flawlessly.

D-LINK DCS-5010L Home Monitor 360 Firmware Download

Only annoying thing was the mail in recognition of switching day and night vision. Maybe you can set the somewhere, had not found anything at that. Also, the record video when motion is detected on an FTP server worked great, although it\’s a bit annoying that the video sequence is only 10 seconds. External access to the cameras via smartphone I have solved with an additional app on Android and Windows RT, since the mobile browser refrain now on JAVA or not very evenly if at all reflect the potential JAVA browser the image. The pivoting movement of the distance is a great tool if you want to look around times Really great camera, good image during the day and dark night.
Download Firmware D-LINK DCS-5010L
Download Firmware D-LINK DCS-5010L
D-LINK DCS-5010L Home Monitor 360 Software
Connecting the Cam was very easy on the WPS button. I only had to wait for the good 44MB large app was last downloaded and installed on my phone. The camera was unfortunately not recognized by the app on the network, with the manual means it has but then folded. At first I was excited by the functionality and the back and forth moving the camera, but then me a firmware update is available.
Download Firmware D-LINK DCS-5010L
After this was installed, the Cam could still connect to the network, whether via WLAN or LAN. However, the device was no longer detected in the app and displayed as permanently offline. Even restarting several times has not helped. Accordingly, the fun with the Cam was fairly quick rum. I can only advise against before the firmware update. In the reviews of the white version of this camera is also reported from the harmful firmware updates. The camera I\’ll send it back and prefer to invest my money in something more reliable. The camera works flawlessly and delivers a sharp picture! Easy to use via the mobile-App. Highly recommended. Unique buy recommendation!
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