Download Firmware Cisco Linksys E2500

Cisco Linksys E2500 Firmware Download. The router midrange aimed at users who do not give a very intensive internet or local network. The main features of this machine is that it has 4 Ethernet ports and 100Mbps Wi-Fi N 300Mbps with simultaneous dual-band.
Another feature is that it integrates thank IPv6 compatibility with factory firmware (latest firmware).
Download Firmware Router Cisco Linksys E2500
Technical features:
Wireless: Wi-Fi N simultaneous dual-band 300Mbps on both bands with 2T2R MIMO configuration. CPU & Ethernet: Broadcom BCM5358UB0KFBG 533MHz MIPS32 with support for USB and VOIP. Two-stream Wireless controller and five fast-ethernet ports (up to 100Mbps). RAM: EtronTech EM6AB160TSC-5G and has a capacity of 64MB. Flash: Winbond 25Q64BVS1G 8MB capacity to load the firmware. 5GHz controller: Broadcom BCM43236KMLG Power supply: Delivery 1 Amp of current flow at 12V making a maximum consumption of 12W. This equipment comes in a box of blue with an orange band indicating the range of routers in this team, \”Advanced\” range is included. If you remember, in the Cisco Linksys E4200, was dwelling indicating \”Maximum Performance\”. At the bottom we can see the main features of this team as the Wireless N, double non simultaneous 300Mbps band in each band, IPv6 and easy installation thanks to the included Cisco Connect software for quick and secure configuration of the device .
Download Firmware Cisco Linksys E2500
In the back are described in more detail the main features, such as incorporating MIMO to improve coverage and wireless performance and also a QoS to prioritize traffic. The contents of the box, in addition to the router, brings the power cord, user manual, installation CD and a network cable. The router has no external antennas and is geared to be a device that can put quietly in the hall without that visits be surprised device will go unnoticed. The router viewed from the side, we can see how physically is very similar to E4200, all Linksys E series have this. Cisco Linksys has focused on providing a \”pretty\” sacrificing wireless performance team for not putting external antennas, which are totally against. At least, they could create routers for advanced users who do not care physical appearance and focus on the inside (like us) and other routers focused on design. On the back of the computer we can see the 4 outlets 100Mbps ethernet WAN input and also a 100Mbps internet. Then we have the WPS button and power indicator blinks when WPS is active. To his right are the power input and button start / stop. At the bottom of the router see in the top left we have the RESET button and just below the sticker with the serial number and MAC address, also have key WPS PIN.
Download Firmware Cisco Linksys E2500. Reference is Broadcom BCM5358UB0KFBG. This CPU is two-stream in the 2.4GHz band, we highlight the main feature of this CPU is that it is compatible with VOIP, but no revision U incorporates this feature as you can see here. It is also responsible for managing the switch 10/100. The clock frequency is 533MHz MIPS32, also leads to use USB although this model does not take the necessary circuitry for it. The chip is low power, today all brands are making efforts to save energy.
The radio controller chip in the 5GHz band, the correct reference is Broadcom BCM43236KMLG. It\’s 300Mbps Wireless N 2T2R MIMO in, configuration will give a good performance when streaming multimedia (although we will have to see it on the dyno). RAM, reference is EtronTech EM6AB160TSC-5G and has a capacity of 64MB, you can see all the technical specifications in the Datasheet. Just below the RAM, we have the FLASH memory capacity is 8MB, the reference is Winbond 25Q64BVS1G. You have more information about this flash on the official website. The signal to antennas 2.4GHz, no wireless signal amplifiers and other equipment. And here we have the circuitry of the 5GHz band, at the top we can see the UFL connectors to connect the internal antennas. Nor leading wireless amplifiers. And finally, we have the power supply that provides a voltage of 12V and a current of 1 Amp. It\’s a simple switching power supply with a switch on / off.
Overview of the internal components of Cisco Linksys E2500
Vision of the main Cisco Linksys E2500 CPU
Internals Cisco Linksys E2500
RAM Memory Cisco Linksys E2500
Part of the Cisco Linksys Wireless
Wireless Cisco Linksys E2500 Part
Power Supply Cisco Linksys E2500
Cisco Linksys Wireless Antennas E2500
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