Download Firmware Asus RT-AC58U

Asus RT-AC58U Firmware Download. The Asus RT-AC58U is very valuable and looks very good! The software is easy to understand and especially the VPN client has done it to me! because I live in France and still use my Amazon Prime I needed a VPN provider! What was not a problem with the PC Set up with TV / Ps4 etc more difficult! With the VPN client Can I all devices over the Wlan rout Vormachten I would be in Germany and there are no problems! This Asus RT-AC58U router replaces a Linksys WRT160NL which had simply reached the limit due to NAS, Netflix, Xbox and Co. Speed ​​is super over the Gigabitswitch and also over the WLAN I can move data with nearly 21 MB/s according to laptop.
Asus RT-AC58U Router Firmware Download
Only the establishment of the MAC address filter is tedious, since for the 2.4 GHz and 5 Ghz seperat the addresses must be recorded. I would buy it again. I used a new router to have a 5 GHz technology and to use MU-MIMO as well. The router is ready within 5min and there are a lot of additional configuration possibilities for professional use. The surface is easy to understand. All in all, my WLAN problems and poor transmission speeds with Full HD streaming are now past. I used to have a router from ASUS, when this was defective, I decided in the meantime for a product of another manufacturer. I wonder why today.
Asus RT-AC58U Firmware Update
Download Firmware Asus RT-AC58U

Download Router Firmware Asus RT-AC58U
After 2 days test I sold the again and bought me this ASUS RT-AC58U. And that was the right decision. Simple setup, easy operation and he never lets me down. The Smartphone app allows you to make all sorts of settings. All in all a clear purchase recommendation. The Asus RT-AC58U replaces in my case an RT-AC51U, since this does not offer a Gigabit LAN and the WLAN transmission quality with the RT-AC51U is only average. As I think the upgrade has definitely paid off; the WLAN range is considerably larger, especially with the 5GhZ band.
Download Firmware Router Asus RT-AC58U
Although the range is not comparable with the 2.4GhZ band, but this is probably due to the technology itself since 5GhZ simply no longer reach can offer. The Recihweite of the Asus RT-AC58U is thus already times very good. The Asus RT-AC58U is connected to a TL-SG108 8-port Metal Gigabit Switch, because the router has \”only\” 4 Gigabit LAN connections. Again everything works perfectly. The setup is simple: the wizard is self-explanatory, in my case, the router is connected by RJ45 cable to a Telekom Speedport hybrid router and is working in AP mode. All in all a very good router with Gigabit LAN, an improved 5GhZ range and a self-explanatory device wizard.
Download Firmware Asus RT-AC58U Version – 2017 for WINDOW 10/8.1/8/7/VISTA/XP (32/64-bit)
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