Download Firmware Asus RT-AC53 WLAN Router

Asus RT-AC53 Firmware Download. This Asus RT-AC53 installation is quick and easy. You have to be aware that no modem is integrated here. One connects the router by LAN cable to the already existing modem. Then switch on the router and connect to the open WLAN network of the router. Directly after the connection on my Macbook the homepage of the router opened and you could assign a user with password. The WLAN names can then be selected. The 2.5 GHz network and the 5 GHz network can be named differently. (For non-professionals the 5 GHz network is radio on the 5GHz frequency and is faster than the 2.5 GHz network). The interface for the configuration of the router is clear and graphically not overloaded.
Asus RT-AC53 Router Firmware Download
In particular, it is intuitive and can be operated without any manual very well. The Asus RT-AC53 router provides 2 x Gbit LAN connections. This could be too little for several devices! If the demand for more connections there would have to be a switch. For this, about 10 euros in additional costs. A really great feature! By means of a VPN you have the possibility to establish a connection to the home network from anywhere in the world. The Asus address can be used quickly and easily (DynDs, etc.). So you can establish a connection to eg \”\”.

Asus RT-AC53 Firmware Update

Asus RT-AC53 Firmware Download

Download Router Firmware Asus RT-AC53 AC750
I really like the VPN feature. This QOS feature allows you to prioritize certain services and applications. This means, for example, that you can prioritize a computer game or services such as Netflix. If you download something at the same time and look at Netflix, then the router takes care that Netflix data packets have priority over the download. Netflix is ​​not braked. This Asus RT-AC53 router can also easily be used as a repeater for an existing network. This allows the network, which is to be expanded, to be selected from a list. Then the password is queried and then it starts already.
Download Firmware Router Asus RT-AC53 AC750
Overall a really good all rounder with mature functions and good range at a good price. But you have to be clear with the 2 ports! Otherwise, this must be expanded by switch. I can only recommend the router. If you liked my review, I would be very happy about a \”helpful\”. If you have any questions about the product, please do not hesitate to contact me.
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