Download Firmware Asus RT-AC51U Wireless Router

Asus RT-AC51U Firmware Download. After my old TP link router with my parents with DDWRT unfortunately no longer satisfactory and the failures piled up, had a new device. And after a short search in the net I am on this model of Asus pushed and have me after my good experiences with the products of Asus in the past then also for this Asus RT-AC51U router decided. Unpacked, plugged in, briefly run through the simple setup and tada, the router is running and splits the connection between 3 PCs and 6 mobile devices. So, what I noticed directly during the installation: Here someone has thought about!

Asus RT-AC51U Router Firmware Download

The menus are clear and simple, you will find everything you would expect. As a small \’bonus\’ you also have a reasonable system protocol, which is only interesting for people who have knowledge of Linux. Above all, a positive aspect is that the router has 802.11ac. This standard allows a wireless connection rate of up to 433 Mb / s (802.11n \’300 Mb / s) with a maximum range of 50 m. In the house of my parents this is sufficient for a good cover from the 2nd floor -> EC.

Asus RT-AC51U AC750 Firmware Update

Asus RT-AC51U Firmware Download
Download Router Firmware Asus RT-AC51U
The USB 2.0 port, which serves as the interface between a small NAS (16 GB USB flash drive) and the router, is also a nice, (now luckily standard). The speeds are certainly not outstanding \’synonymous the FritzBox of AVM (7490 & 7390) is not better here\’ however, to stream smaller contents (series in 720p or music). Only one point I feel no longer quite contemporary: The router has unfortunately no Gigabit LAN.
Download Firmware Router Asus RT-AC51U
The main point here is actually directed to the cable cover, which has been working perfectly since the installation. For the price of 40 € one makes, if on Gigabit LAN can do without actually nothing wrong. The router does its service faultlessly and the WLAN reaches also a good data rate. For a router in this price class can be so very satisfied and the design does not have to hide the router also in front of a Fritz box.
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