Download Firmware Asus DSL-N17U Wireless-N300 Modem Router

Asus DSL-N17U Firmware Download. This Asus DSL-N17U modem router on recommendation bought and very satisfied. Runs fast, speed fast, no problems. Many settings possible, only recommended. A top class!! Attention: the attached dsl cable does not fit with every connection. I had to first buy another RJ11. This modem as always super fast and well packaged! The modem rout to install one must always before the provider / InterVender the access data/number for the modem installation / leave to give / give.

Asus DSL-N17U Router Firmware Download

The installation is if you have something quite simple, otherwise simply google google or look at youtube. And after which I had installed the modem router, I immediately tested the PS4. In PSN network test I had right from the start with the new router a NAT type of 2. The FIFA I could play without problems against a friend and chat with him in the \”party\” which was never before possible. Of course I had with my easybox previously the ports for the PS4 games, unfortunately, I had always a very low download speed with the psn network test (about 3mbit).

Asus DSL-N17U Firmware Download

Asus DSL-N17U Firmware Download
Download Modem Firmware Asus DSL-N17U
Now I have a NAT type 2 and the download speed of stable 19 Mbits, which is loose enough for FIFA and BF4 games on europe serversn. The PS4 is connected via the LAN cable + Devolo kit, which I can only recommend to anyone who has no possibility to connect the PS4 directly via LAN to the router. This Asus DSL-N17U also offers the possibilities for certain games the ports quite easy to switch over the QOS function. Since I had from the beginning success I have skipped this step.
Download Firmware Router Asus DSL-N17U
But you have the option. Simply times at youtube enter Asus QOS games. Conclusion: If you like games such as FIFA or battlefield 4, should be in any case times its \”standard\” rout which it gets from its offerer, if problems with his NAT type or other gaming has. As I said before I could play against some friends and not chatting in the party of PSN, which was very very annoying. This modem router is the simplest solution for NAT type problems and for gamer who do not want to have several ports to switch on.
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