Download Firmware Asus DSL-AC87VG Modem Router

Asus DSL-AC87VG Firmware Download. My problems is that I still have with my USB drive, which I still have no access over the network. Unfortunately also the WLAN range with this super router with 4 antennas seems a little smaller, than on my old DSL-AC68U. The firmware is still still Beta stadium. At least with my \”old\” router, Asus has been quite diligent updates. The thing is always a real log. I had to be so big? My age was already quite big, but it is really big. Still the current consumption of this block remains. I\’ll check times, I fear not good.
Asus DSL-AC87VG Router Firmware Download
My age has already fueled energy well. With 2,4 / 5 GHz WLAN around the 15 W, should not be better with the new one and if one requires VoIP, the part must be 24 hours in operation to be reachable by telephone. Ok, for the WLAN one can create timetables and turn it off at night, for example, saves about 2 W. Some options in the setup are a bit limited, but should be improved with upcoming updates. Small addendum, but it is synonymous still completely new with the first firmware. The DHCP server is not running yet.
Asus DSL-AC87VG Firmware Update
Asus DSL-AC87VG Firmware Download

Download Router Firmware Asus DSL-AC87VG
It occasionally throws out clients with fixed IP. After a reboot, it knows it again. And it has already synonymous once in the form of no DSL sync and accordingly no Internet access. I am optimistic, however, since Asus has delivered with my old router some updates. The thing has almost still the beta software. The first Asus DSL-AC87VG Firmware Update available. Device runs for about 2 weeks of continuous operation including VoIP absolutely stable. No crash / reboot.
Download Firmware Router Asus DSL-AC87VG
So far, it is doing exactly what I expect. Unfortunately, a connected USB drive can still not be integrated into the network under Window 10, but I am in contact with Asus Support, who answered quickly with solution suggestions and would like to forward the problem to the developer department. Let\’s see what is going to happen with this developer department. If folders on a USB drive can not be connected as a network drive, this is of course total mischief. Is actually a NAS function, which still does not work.
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