Download Firmware And Software D-Link DCS-933L IP Camera

Download Firmware And Software D-Link DCS-933L IP Camera. For God sake we present a complete analysis of the IP Camera D-Link DCS-933L. D-Link is not only a manufacturer of routers, access points, PLC and other networking devices, is also a manufacturer of IP cameras with high quality, lots of configuration options and full integration with Cloud mydlink service to manage it from Internet .
The IP camera we bring you today is capable of recording in VGA resolution up to 640 × 480 resolution at 30 FPS video format H.264 MPG4 or we can connect to our wireless network through the access point Wireless N 150Mbps that incorporated, has a WPS button for quick synchronization with the access point, plus connect to the AP to transmit the information recorded in real time, also acts as a repeater Wi-Fi universal, thus expand the wireless network while transmit the information. If no wireless connectivity in the location where we connect the camera, we can connect via cable thanks to its port Fast Ethernet. A very important feature of this camera is that it incorporates infrared recording in low light conditions and even in the deepest darkness, thanks to these infrared LEDs can record at a maximum distance of 5 meters.
The firmware that incorporates the D-Link DCS-933L is very complete and can configure actions on camera (triggers) so that when you move or take pictures or record video sound immediately, this material can be sent by email or server FTP local network and the Internet, plus we can always see the image in real time via the cloud mydlink portal. Thanks to cloud mydlink website, we can see the camera D-Link DCS-933L in real time from D-Link applications for mobile devices such as Android and iOS, we can also see it from anywhere via the Internet. The analysis will tell you in detail how to configure and what options we have in applications. Along with this camera, the D-ViewCam software is included to manage up to 32 cameras D-Link from your computer to have everything under control and with D-Link NAS Surveillance Center to have full integration with the NAS manufacturer.
Download Firmware And Software D-Link DCS-933L IP Camera
Installation Wizard
The camera features a CD for installation and configuration of the device quickly and easily. The first thing you have to do is insert the CD or unburden the wizard from the official website of the DCS-933L camera. If you run the CD, we will get a menu to configure the camera and to install the D-ViewCam software.
Management software D-ViewCam can manage up to 32 IP cameras and centrally store your content on your computer or network video recorders (NVR). With this software you can monitor live video and even view recordings from the software itself. Because this software is more geared to professionals who need multiple cameras to monitor shops or large spaces, we will not see in detail how it works. If you are using a D-Link Cloud Router, the camera will catch the mydlink portal configuration router automatically so we will not have to perform any additional configuration is called \”Zero Configuration\”.
Firmware D-Link DCS-933L
The main configuration menu through the web portal allows you to choose what format you want to record video in MPEG4 or H.264. As you can see below, the web menu looks the same routers and other devices manufacturer D-Link, so we find common options quickly and easily, such as upgrading firmware or state main device. If we go to the \”Setup\” tab you can see the settings you can make to the camera, such as setting the universal repeater Wi-Fi, Dynamic DNS client or configure the FTP client to send the videos and photos to a server local network or the Internet. We can also configure the SMTP server to send emails with videos or notices of motion among others.
Mydlink Lite for Android
The manufacturer D-Link offers its customers various applications designed to manage your devices from a mobile device as a smartphone or tablet. To install the application, just go to different stores official Android and iOS respectively and look for the app \”mydlink Lite\”, this application is free and allows you to manage different IP cameras from D-Link. This application is also available for mobile devices with Windows Phone operating system. The first thing you see when launching the camera is a menu where we get to choose if you want to connect to devices locally (if we are on the same local network) or if we connect to devices via Internet (using mydlink Cloud):
Final Conclusions
D-Link gave us the opportunity for years to test the D-Link DCS-930L, its first IP Camera with mydlink support. In fact, this team was the first to have compatibility with D-Link cloud. Since then, although the camera is physically very similar, they have incorporated infrared LEDs, and also the possibility of repeating the Wi-Fi which is connected, so we will not need an extensive Wi-Fi, something we have not seen in other IP cameras in this range, so it is a point very supportive of this camera.
Where D-Link has improved substantially is in the software configuration wizards are very intuitive, fast and work really well, perfect for the most inexperienced in matters of cameras or configuration computer users. D-Link makes available any videovigilar our system for home or business with a quick and easy installation. Where else have you improved is in the management of the camera through the cloud platform, we can now perform basic configurations and treat the image through the web portal. Another highlight are the applications for mobile devices, so you can be watching the camera in real time from anywhere through 3G and 4G networks of mobile operators. In addition, improvements in these applications lies in the incorporation of new options to treat the image.
However, everything could not be good on this camera. We believe that is a step below other cameras that record HD (720p), and which are motorized. However, D-Link has in its portfolio teams with these characteristics we hope to try soon.
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