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Zelotes C-12 Gaming Mouse Driver Download. So far I\’ve had a Razer Naga Hex for a long time. The model was comfortable to hold and the buttons on the side weren\’t too much or too little. Unfortunately, the Hex no longer exists and the longevity of the mouse seemed to be decreasing. My mouse wheel always broke, scrolling was still possible, but no more \”click\”, which is extremely annoying when gaming.

I didn\’t want to spend almost 100 euros on a Razer again (should have bought the Trinity) so I looked around for an inexpensive alternative that in the best case also has 6 buttons on the side, found it! The Zelotes C-12 mouse is a little bigger than the Naga, but lies comfortably in the hand (even in small women\’s hands;)). I still have to get used to the keys because the arrangement is slightly different, but it\’ll be fine. The buttons on the side are assigned the digits 4-9 by default (not the numeric keypad!), But can be changed through the menu (although I had to look for something because the name seems a little strange). I now have the number pad on it (like on my Naga).

Zelotes C-12 Drivers & Features

After more than a year, I can still say that everything is going smoothly, and it is in use every day. World of Warcraft, everything is wonderfully playable. The fabric covering is a little scratched, but otherwise everything is great! The Zelotes C-12 mouse feels valuable, lies comfortably in the hand and the buttons also respond very well. The thumb button arrangement is very good and also innovative to use.

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So far so good.. But the Zelotes C-12 gaming mouse wheel is a disaster. Extremely large scroll path, spongy rotation and very bad feedback. You hardly notice the typical mouse wheel ratcheting or you have to turn it far to notice one thing. If you look at the mouse you can already see it, each of the colored points on the wheel is scrolled up or down once. For quick changes to long scrolling times, whereby two scrolls were often necessary to achieve a movement at all. I haven\’t had any other mouse and make it unplayable for me.

I overlooked the weights, taking into account that this feature is also available, I have adjusted my rating to 5/5. I am really very satisfied, all changes are easy to make, the arrangement is very comfortable for my fingers (I have relatively long fingers and a large hand.)

Zelotes C-12 Software Download

Due to the relatively high weight, I did not miss any weights and the range of DPI is more than sufficient for gaming and work. Zelotes C-12 keys are perfect in terms of pressure and can be programmed completely freely. The only point of criticism here would be that there is no middle button on the side. A button could have been built in there.

Also, I can\’t make any statements about longevity, but I\’ve already had good experiences with the previous model.) I bought the mouse to play online (HHL) here it is important to \”spark\” quickly on different channels. At the same time, I wanted a mouse that was designed in such a way that I could use \”right -\” / \”left-click\” at the same time as the side buttons. This works great. In fact, I now also use the mouse for work, as the software supplied enables \”office functions\” to be programmed on the keys.

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Zelotes C12 Driver Download for Windows

Zelotes C-12 Gaming Mouse Driver – Download

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