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Xerox Phaser 3010 Driver Download. Instead of using complicated laser printer is the LED over the entire length of the drum housed a series diode, enabling even illumination without any moving parts. In the original LED models, due to limitations of the former technology, the maximum resolution was 600 dpi, ie. This was the maximum number of LEDs that could be placed in a linear inch. Miniaturization of electronics and placing the work in itself printhead Xerox is this problem so that the Phaser 3010 achieves resolution of 1200 x 1200 dpi, which is twice more than laser competitors in the same price range. On paper, this Xerox Phaser 3010 sounds very interesting, a testing this model we can state that the results are in practice at the expected level.
Xerox Phaser 3010 Printer Driver Download
Correct gradients, saturated black color and good visibility of small text surprised us when it comes to print quality, this little guy can stand shoulder to shoulder with the more expensive laser solutions. Xerox Phaser 3010 print speed is slightly lower than the specification, but overall the results are nothing weaker than cheap laser brothers. Slower processor is a bottleneck for printing complex PDF documents, but Xerox Phaser 3010 has flaws that most average users will not really notice. As rates of exploitation, the situation is somewhat complicated by the fact that the new cartridge includes a toner and not the OPC drum and toner station, which are built into the printer without service intervention can not be replaced.
Xerox Phaser 3010 Software Driver Download
Xerox Phaser 3010 Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Xerox Phaser 3010
Moreover, are not intended to replace, because, according to calculations Xerox engineers, and its duration aligned with the lifetime of this Xerox Phaser 3010. According to them, at the time when it needed replacing them, it will be cheaper to replace the entire device. Sounds like a set of alternatives until the account does not take the price of only 40 euros, any service staff seem almost insane. The Xerox Phaser 3010 price of the toner is about 4000 pounds and it can provide 1000 pages of standard coverage. Smaller capacities at Xerox toner means that it must be frequently changed, but it is also cheaper. Optionally is possible to purchase a larger toner capacity of 2,000 pages, but so far our market could not be obtained.
Download Driver Printer Xerox Phaser 3010
The average price of four pounds per print, the price of the cartridge is no different than the competition, at least in the original acquisition of the supplies in question, because the toner recycling is not yet possible. Xerox Phaser 3010 is actually a device that is well balanced and offers exactly what the average home user needs a small initial investment with the procurement system less the amount of toner for less money (popularly speaking, \” spoon \”), but without the usual\” interest \”which awaits those who choose to ink-jet variant, which makes it almost ideal for our climate.
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