Download Driver Wisetiger WT-AC9008 Wlan Stick

Wisetiger WT-AC9008 Driver Download. Even after several years, current desktop computers are only rarely equipped with WLAN. Of course, you can buy a small Wlan-Stick for about 10 Euro, but the integrated antennas are mostly weak. That\’s why I decided immediately for this antenna, since I hoped to get a strong transmitting power / receive power. The Wisetiger WT-AC9008 Wlan adapter comes in a cardboard box with a colored illustrated instruction manual. The adapter and the supplied cable are well processed and look high quality. There is also a mini-CD for the driver installation included. Attention! CD is really \”mini\”, only in removable drives, not in drives where the disc is inserted through a slot.
Wisetiger WT-AC9008 WLAN Driver Download
The assembly is done in a few hands. Then the adapter can be installed at a good transmitting position and connected to the PC with the cable. The installation ran smoothly with the supplied CD. I could then connect to my Wlan network. My computer is a little further from the router. Nevertheless, the transmission power / reception performance is really very good. The antennas can be aligned directly to the router. So I had a really good reception despite the distance.

Wisetiger WT-AC9008 Driver Download

Wisetiger WT-AC9008 Driver Download
Download Wlan Stick Driver Wisetiger WT-AC9008
Overall, I can only recommend the Wlan adapter. Although this costs more than twice the normal Wlan-Sticks, but you get a much better range and transmission power. This really pays off in a smooth reception of the Wan. If you liked my review and I helped you with your purchase decision, I would be very happy about a \”helpful\”. After 1 week of use, unfortunately, problems have increased. First of all there were repeated connections and the stick was no longer reliably detected. I have already tried it with new installations and switching from the USB ports. The problems nevertheless occurred. Now the stick is only extremely rarely recognized and can not be used properly.
Download Driver Wlan Stick Wisetiger WT-AC9008
I\’ll send him back now. Therefore I have to change my review to 1 star. I put myself in the garage a PC because I sometimes have to read my car and I need an internet connection. Unfortunately, I\’m in the garage but only a bad signal strength. I then took this wlanstick. The installation of the stick is not a problem with the enclosed installation CD. The signal strength is now just before full volume and thus this optimally fulfills the purpose for me. I had to adjust the antennas a bit, but thanks to the joints is no problem.
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