Download Driver WiFiSKY 3000 mW 11dBi

WiFiSKY 3000 mW Driver Download. USB wireless WiFiSKY 3000 mW 11dBi Antenna Ralink 3070L + Ralink 3070 chip 802.11b / g / n + + High-Power 11dBi Antenna RP-SMA. The WiFiSKY USB device allows users to use standard 802.11b / g / n speeds of 150 Mbps in the 2.4 GHz band. You can set your WiFiSKY in ad-hoc mode to connect to other PCs, in infrastructure mode to connect to access points (APs) or routers to connect to the Internet. The high power adapter greatly enhances stability. The WiFiSKY device also includes a utility to scan for available networks and configure your connection parameters usual, with this utility you can also configure the security of your connection. (Beini BootCD)
WiFiSKY 3000 mW 11dBi Driver Download
You\’re going to come with the roll has to be a stable chip, you have to be a directional antenna because if you take many networks that generates noise prevents you from making a good connection, all that you are boss, but also I tell you the card we speak has not as stable as the 8187 chip, but has peaks that makes auditing is highly recommended. The 3070 also works with WiFi n, and are always recommending this WIFISKY and has 11 dBi omni which may well be replaced by another directional. Topic mw I have understood it to issue instead of receiving signal, I have not entirely clear why I ask.
Driver WiFiSKY 3000 mW 11dBi
Download Driver for WiFiSKY 3000 mW 11dBi
Is not apparently seen gives me very good impression. You think that after changing my channel network has to make good the link because the rest would not mind too much, but it\’s a matter of it. The question is, is that you never know! I do not like buying things \”for the moment\”, I like fanciest my money and have a good card. A card to repeat signal with Connectify and to connect the Wii that is in other side of my house, to connect to the wifi from the library when I wait in the station opposite the University and waiting for the bus to come an antenna that is good for audits and an antenna, why not, to connect to an open network if I am on a site and have a timely question. 
Driver WiFiSKY 3000 mW 11dBi Download
Seeking an antenna to be reckoned with when you need that for my fanciest 20 € and it is too restrictive as there. That what I now spend 40 € in three months therefore be something better? Well, I guess like all electronics, but if I have bought something worthwhile for me will not matter, what burns me is to save 5 € spend on headaches. And it applies to antennas, programmers, everything in general. I think you see what I look for. Something that is as \”second to none\”. I have read and I see that not only the chip, but the plate of the card. No, so I have compiled seem to be the best the WIFISKY 3000 mw of 3070 chips audits by peaks in 8187 and chip stability, although they speak highly of the crotalus, ubiquity, FreeWiFi.
Driver WiFiSKY 3000 mW 11dBi for LINUX (available in default on most latest LINUX OS)
Driver WifiSKY 3000 mW 11dBi for MAC

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