Download Driver WifiSky 1500 MW USB Wireless

WifiSky 1500 MW Driver Download. Finally arrived direct from Hong Kong WIFISKY 1500mw 20G, bought on ebay, after several weeks waiting for has finally arrived at the gates of my house and in this post I would like to share my first impressions on this USB device with the famous chipset rt8187. This wireless device brings a 5dBi antenna with RP-SMA input so you can connect with other antenna input more powerful according to our need. I have some photos of the package.

WifiSky 1500 MW RTL 8187L Driver Download

The color is very nice and the case is well presented, the truth I\’ve seen the downside is that it takes a while just that and everything else is fine, since you can perform audits and other things. Came with a USB cable, installation CD and 5dBi antenna, besides all this the best is the price it has only cost me $ 14.98 US and sent all certainly very good device and a cheap price. The only shortcoming that I see is that much affect the noise, that is where many routers is a bit complicated to have connectivity if the router is very far, but it\’s great definitely in environments with less APs around, but audit regarding access is bestial !. See here a screenshot of WiFiSKY in action.
WifiSky 1500 MW RTL8187L Chipset Driver Download
Download Driver WifiSky 1500 MW
Download WifiSky 1500 MW Driver
WiFiSKY 1500mW USB Wireless LAN WiFi Adapter. The Wireless USB Adapter is in the indoor high power and high recipient affectability, long-run USB interface card, its transmission separation of around ten times higher than typical industrially accessible system cards, measured the separation of up to 3600 meters, work in the 2.4GHz band, in accordance with IEEE802. 11g guidelines, utilizing OFDM (orthogonal recurrence division).
Download Driver USB Wireless WifiSky 1500 MW
WiFiSKY 1500mW USB WiFi connector has high power and high affectability. Further, it gives an outside recieving wire which can without much of a stretch propel your separation and execution more adaptable. To secure your remote network, the rapid remote USB connector can encode every single remote transmission through 64/128-bit WEP information encryption furthermore underpins WPA, WPA2.
Transmission Coverage: 5.6 KM [5600 Meters]
Gathering Coverage: 3.6 KM [3600 Meters]
6dBi High Gain Antenna
Realtek RTL8187L
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