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UtechSmart Venus Gaming Mouse Driver Download. UtechSmart Venus has configuration software but if you do not own a disk drive you can probably still find the software/drivers online and install that way. Unless you can\’t find it online in the far off year of 2069, in which case I wish you the best of luck in creating your own drivers for it.

UtechSmart Venus Drivers & Download

The UtechSmart Venus configuration software is pretty neat for creating a variety of different macros but has certain limits in terms of character input length and other conditions that I will not detail as I can\’t remember them and don\’t want to reinstall the software from whatever random site is deciding host drivers this month.

The UtechSmart Venus mouse features the ability to set colors for it. That\’s all there is to that feature and it is mundane and meaningless unless you have some stylish choice of matching it with your keyboard. It will make it easier to see in the dark which is a pro and con as it can sometimes be distracting while at the same time allowing you to operate easier without switching the lights on.

The thumb side features the buttons 1 to 9 plus 0, as well as – and + which they will input by default. You can configure all the buttons on the mouse to perform set macros with the software. The mouse also features a double click button which I have never found any use for but it has never gotten in the way enough for me to find it a negative compared to the idea of simply having more buttons.

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Unlike the generic two thumb side buttons on mice that send you back and forth in your current web browser\’s history. Those of which I usually end up having to unbind due to accidentally hitting and having to redo whatever I was doing on said web-page. This mouse does not feature those two buttons by default.

UtechSmart Venus Software

The thumb buttons can sometimes get in the way while playing games that utilize the standard array of number buttons for weapon selection, such as source games. Random weapon switching can have annoying consequences, but this did not usually come up.

The UtechSmart Venus mouse features 4 or 5 dpi settings, there are 4 lights but I cannot remember if one of those lights is on by default. The selector as you can see from the pictures is a two button selector which I find is preferable to a single button cycle on other mice such as a g403.

The mouse-wheel is an important feature on mice, as it is extremely useful for navigating web pages or in games and is central to general operations in such. The overlooked part of this is how long the mouse-wheel can last until it begins to malfunction from usage. Being that it is usually the first part to malfunction from my experience with most mice. Either the mouse-wheel will stop responding, send incorrect signals or the clicking inward of the mouse-wheel will begin to break. This has not happened with my mouse.

To be clear, I have only used this mouse for 5 months but the mouse shows no signs of deterioration and is still performing as well as when I first received it and I think it is a great purchase for 33 euros.

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Windows UtechSmart Venus Driver Download & Manual

UtechSmart Venus Manual Instruction

UtechSmart Venus Drivers for Windows (32/64-bit)

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