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Trust Gaming GXT 144 Rexx Gaming Mouse Driver Download. This GXT 180 is a solid mouse. The material and the workmanship are very good, the Pixart 3325 sensor is probably the best one can get in this price range. For most gamers, the precision is sufficient. Ambitious gamers who want the maximum in precision can get a more expensive mouse with a Pixart 3360 sensor or something similar, but the hobby gamer will not notice a huge difference.

Trust Gaming GXT 144 Rexx Driver Gaming Mouse

I find the ergonomics pretty neutral. It lies well in my (medium-sized) hand. It\’s not that hand and mouse “merge”, but finding a mouse that is perfect for someone takes a lot of time and trial and error. This one should suit most people quite well. The RGB lighting is good and doesn\’t look too bright like a fair. A lot can be set in the software.

I used the mouse at home for 1.5 years and have now switched to a more expensive one with a Pixart 3360 sensor. Of course there is another difference, otherwise it wouldn’t be more expensive, but it\’s not that there are “worlds” in between and you suddenly play much better. I now use the GXT180 in the office, where it still does a top job.

So even if the mouse is marketed here as the “Pro Gaming Mouse”, it is not quite on the pro level, but considering its price it is still good and is probably one of the top mice in the € 25 class. A few days ago I shot one for a friend as a warehouse deal for 12 € in the condition \”good\” and except for the packaging it was like new. So if you can shoot the under 20 €, that\’s a Nobrainer.

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Trust Gaming GXT 144 Rexx Software

The Trust Gaming GXT 144 Rexx mouse itself offers everything I wanted in a vertical mouse. Unfortunately, in this mouse genre, the selection isn\’t that good. Nevertheless, you can find good items here for a low price. RGB lighting, very good sensor, good ergonomics and, in my opinion, very good sliding properties. However, there is a point why the mouse is unfortunately not well suited for gaming for me. The two thumb buttons cannot be used simultaneously with left click, right click and mouse wheel click. For me this is essential.

Trust Gaming GXT 144 Rexx mouse despite relatively bad reviews and I have to say I was definitely not disappointed. It is not so easy to find a gaming mouse that is ergonomically designed as a vertical mouse (and is actually suitable as a typical gaming mouse).

It is available under the URL software listed in the booklet with which the speed, key layout, macros and lighting can be individually set. You can easily switch between the speed levels by pressing a button (each of which is assigned its own color, for example). I can also lift the mouse comfortably without losing too much grip when I want to center it again on the mouse pad. Maybe just a matter of practice with a vertical mouse, plus a new mouse always takes a little getting used to. The side buttons are easily accessible with the thumb, that was important to me. Reaction / speed etc. are great. I am happy with the product.

Trust Gaming GXT 144 Rexx Drivers Download

Trust Gaming GXT 144 Rexx PDF User Manual

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Trust Gaming GXT 144 Rexx Drivers for Windows 10,8.1,8,7 (32/64-bit) – Download .exe 4.17MB

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