Download Driver TP-Link Archer T2U AC600

TP-Link Archer T2U AC600 Driver Download. I bought to go with my TP Archer C2 this WLAN stick. The here radioed in 2.4Ghz and 5GHz network. The connection and installation are super easy. Easy to stick into the computer, insert the small CD and install. The accompanying software is also very easy to use and offers a number of settings. The problem with the non-recognition of 5GHz networks I could not understand, for me the problem did not occur. In the 5 GHz network I get good 300Mbits transfer rate, but what is more the distance from the router, but enough still to have 12Mb download speed, but then the smoke without interruptions from WLAN stick. So I would say a Top WLAN stick for the price, highly recommended. Especially if you want to use the AC standard.

TP-Link Archer T2U AC600 Wireless Driver Download

The stick works well under Windows, the reception quality is fine had been looking for a small 5GHz capable Stick and to the extent he works. The speed comes in WiFi N standard never beyond 150 Mbps. Why I look at the product description as misleading. It reaches higher rates only in Ac Standard. He is prolonged intensive use warm but still within the normal range. Conclusion I will would keep it but probably would if I should still buy one to try something new. I had only a wireless stick of Fritz, not working at all. Have I then ordered the TP-Link T2U and have to say, just great! Easy installation and finally correct fast internet. I can only recommend.
TP-Link Archer T2U AC600 Software Download
Download Driver TP-Link Archer T2U AC600
Download Driver TP-Link Archer T2U AC600 Wireless
I have used the stick to the router from the same series and had won many connection problems and only moderate data rates although both products support the AC standard. Also I have to stick with a provider router uses the 5GHz mode. The Stick recognizes in the 5 GHz band only individual channels, since the installation is a search for a needle in a haystack. As long as the stick with the connection can handle it is sufficiently usable. However, the biggest drawback is the lack of stability: Was it at the beginning of several days without disconnection, so were the crashes over time to more and more frequently. In this case, sometimes helped a hard reset (\”unplugged-plugging\”), but there was also no less than before, that the stick was then no longer recognized. On the whole, makes this product both from the hardware and from the software an immature impression. After many troubles and hassles, it will now take the path to the final vendor to possibly obtain a replacement.
Download Wireless Driver TP-Link Archer T2U AC600

The idea of ​​using this device is practical, access to the NAS via USB keys, wherever you are, it is very comfortable, if run continuously it off, even local network, and through a device mobile or tablet can not be accessed. Local network transfer is very slow, only 4 mb / s, and every 5 minutes the connection to the device is lost. almost no configuration options. It is practically inoperative. Advantages: the idea of ​​access to your own cloud with just connect the usb is good. Disadvantages: – difficult initialization and commissioning the device. – Very low transfer rate. – Very few settings – very slow operation of the menu. – Constant loss of communication with the device to transfer files. – Frequent loss of communication with the server device.

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Download Driver TP-Link Archer T2U for LINUX
Download Driver TP-Link Archer T2U for Mac OS X 10.7/10.8/10.9/10.10/10.11
Download Driver TP-Link Archer T2U for WINDOW

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