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Titanwolf Specialist Gaming Mouse Driver Download. I come from a Logitech G402, the mouse wheel of which stopped the middle click function after a little over a year and a half. The mouse wheel of the G402 seemed a bit cheap to me from the start and that was unfortunately confirmed in the end. So it was time for a new mouse.

Titanwolf Specialist Drivers & Features

But instead of ordering the next Logitech (had the MX500, the MX518, the G9) for a lot of money, I wanted something else. The Logitech quality is unfortunately steadily decreasing in my opinion, but the mice are being pushed into a gamer design and it is hoped that the young people will buy these things and the company will make a large margin with it.

I found the Titanwolf Specialist mouse to be rated here through a forum in which people who know more than I do, post their recommendations. I wanted a mouse that can be operated by placing the palm of the hand on it (\”palm grip\”). The Titanwolf offers a very good support surface even for large hands and the buttons are not bothersome or in the way.

Most of the surface is matted and made a very valuable impression. In any case, more valuable than the G402 in a direct comparison. The mouse buttons have good pressure points, although it will of course only become clear whether these will last (the G9 from Logitech still works perfectly today, but was also taken out of service for a while).

The 4-way! Mouse wheel and the other buttons also have good pressure points, whereby the mouse wheel in particular feels pleasantly valuable. I have not yet assigned all of the five buttons on the left, I only use two of them as \”forward\” and \”backward\” shortcuts for the browser, for example. There are probably two of these five buttons that are easy to use for everyone. I will probably never use all five.

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Titanwolf Specialist Software Download

The Titanwolf Specialist sensor offers quite a bit of precision, but I cannot fully answer whether it can keep up with the more expensive products from other manufacturers. The hardcore gamer among us could miss the last bit of responsiveness to very small movements. But for me it is enough and makes sense in the overall package.

The Titanwolf Specialist lighting can be set using the supplied software, where a variety of other settings can be made. Overall, the mouse is a very good offer compared to the well-known brands, especially in terms of price. Personally, I no longer feel like buying high-priced products whose quality is ultimately questionable.

Anyone who knows the said G402 from Logitech and then picks up this Titanwolf will immediately notice the difference, the Titanwolf wins this quality comparison in the first 10 minutes, in which one is simply delighted at how high-quality the Titanwolf mouse feels. For me, Titanwolf Specialist is a great surprise from a previously unknown provider, but which I will keep an eye on.

Windows Titanwolf Specialist Drivers Download & Manual PDF

Titanwolf Specialist User Manual PDF – Download

Titanwolf Specialist Software Driver – Download – Size 8.9MB

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