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Sharp MX-C300P Drivers Download. After a short product research with my specifications (laser printer, black and white, possibility to print, the smallest possible device and cheap, I am relatively quickly encountered the harp MX-C300P have addressed me the multifunctionality, the small dimensions of the device, the indications of the low power consumption, the separate possibility of changing toner / drum and the price of the device (under 100 euros). After a few weeks of use I would like to share my first impressions and experiences shortly.

Sharp MX-C300P Driver & Software Download

The installation of the device (connection of power and USB printer cable and installation of the driver via supplied CD) took a total of max. 15 minutes. Please note that the printer does not come with a USB printer cable. Immediately after the installation of the device I noticed two points compared to the old device, to which one rarely reads anything in the device descriptions: for example, the device does not have a completely closed paper tray. This means that the paper reserve always protrudes from the device with the paper flap open. If you do not want to operate the device with the paper tray open, the paper must be removed from the device and stored elsewhere.
Furthermore, the device has no LED display as visual confirmation that the device is turned on. The switched-on state of the device is thus readable only via the display in the two-line LCD display. I also noticed that immediately after printing, the pages come out of the printer in a different way compared to the previous laser printer: the paper feels somehow different or thinner and not so smooth. The paper is slightly wavy with traces of the pinch rollers. I suspect that this has to do with the heat development during the printing process. If you leave the paper for a few minutes, the changed paper impression disappears completely: Paper feels smooth again. The \”dents\” in the paper (pinch rollers) have also disappeared.
Due to the fact that the printer does not Made of LED for optical confirmation, I once again brought the energy meter / Wattmeter from the discounter and measured. Here I was a little surprised: during printing, the data fluctuated between 500 to 700 W. While still switched on (for example, 5 min after the last pressure): 9 W. In the off state: fluctuating between 6 W and 9 W. I would like to point out that I have not built up a \”scientific experiment\”, I would not put my hand for the Wattmeter (in terms of measurement accuracy) of discounters in the fire. However, I was surprised and immediately installed a switchable connector strip next to the printer, which completely disconnects the printer from the mains and gives me an optical feedback (illuminated switch) above.
The supplied toner has a capacity of approximately 700 pages. The drum of about 10,000 pages. Toner and drum are separately changeable, which I find very positive. As a result, the purchase of a separate toner cartridge is cheaper.
Summing up the points in short form:
– Easy and fast installation
– Perfect print image (2,400 x 600 dpi)
– Fast readiness of the device: time to print the first page from standby = less than 10 seconds
– Fast printing of multiple pages: up to 20 pages / minute.
Long-term experience
Since the device was purchased just a few weeks ago, it can not be reported conclusively. As with all technical devices (TV, network storage, tablet, etc.) I would, however, in relatively regular intervals, the review briefly. The harp MX-C300P printer is now running without problems and very reliable.
A compact 3 in 1 multi-function laser printer from a well-known brand manufacturer with a perfect print image for less than 100 euros. Point. For this fact I can live very well with the described negative or neutral points.
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MAC OS Driver Package Software for MX-C300P Mac OS 10.10-10.13 Print Drivers Download
MAC OS Driver Package Software for MX-C300P Contains: Mac OS 10.4-10.9 Print Drivers Download
Windows 32 bit OS Driver Package Software for MX-C300P Contains: PCL, PS, PPD Drivers Download
Windows 64 bit OS Driver Package Software for MX-C300P Contains: PCL, PS, PPD Drivers Download
Linux/CUPS PPD Linux/CUPS PPD Download
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