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Sharkoon Drakonia II Gaming Mouse Driver Download. As the owner of the previous version I was expecting a good product and I was not disappointed. This Sharkoon Drakonia II is an evolution from the technological point of view, relating to the sensor. It goes from an 8,200 dpi laser sensor to a 15,000 dpi optical sensor. It is a radical change in the substance of the mouse, while in aesthetics and ergonomics the changes are minimal.

Sharkoon Drakonia II Drivers & Download

The Sharkoon Drakonia II like other manufacturers offers this optical technology mainly for gamers. In fact, this mouse is intended for gaming, still excelling in every use. The sensor is PixArt 3360 which is very well known and widespread. In fact, its precision is also appreciated for those who need professional use. Works well on many surfaces, but excels when paired with a good mat.

The mouse is responsive and the response speed can be adjusted with 2 comfortable keys. Beautiful and adjustable brightness of the LEDs. It can also be programmed with profiles to diversify the scope of use. The Sharkoon Drakonia II software downloadable from the site allows a good configuration and assignment of macros.

From an ergonomic point of view it is similar to the previous version, resulting slightly smaller. Less than the Drakonia 1 it has the rubber where the thumb rests. This absence is noticeable at the beginning because the rubber gave a feeling of better grip.

Sharkoon Drakonia II Software Download

There are buttons from 1 to 6 above the thumb slot to allow quick access to selectable and freely settable functions with the software. Very convenient to set up shortcuts for web browsing or other. The illuminated wheel looks solid, gives a good response and works very well. The keys are precise and give a good feel. The price is really interesting because on the 40 euros we have a mouse that the competition offers, with the same characteristics or less, for more than 60 euros, except for momentary offers.

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Sharkoon Drakonia II is a robust product to the touch, excellent smoothness, heavy at the right point (I left all the weights), extremely precise (pxart sensor), and well-calibrated keys. The management software quite intuitive, not for newbies, macro keys in a classic position, easily accessible in game. In conclusion, paid 15 € thanks to the whd and the prime day, a higher level mouse also for the 37 € they ask for a new product.

Cool aesthetics, very precise and stable sensor, 6 well-made side buttons (a little hard), good ergonomics (the hand is comfortable), good grip, adjustable weight, beautiful ARGB. For 42 euros there must necessarily be something that is not the best, and that thing is the materials. The feeling that the materials give when used is not the best.

The Sharkoon Drakonia II 2 main keys have a bit of play and even with all weights it is quite light. The wheel does not give the premium feel of a quality mouse. However, the canvas cable with the god-made rubber mouse attachment is to be praised. Do I feel like recommending it? Obvious. Despite the materials that are not the best the mouse works like a real man!

Sharkoon Drakonia II Software Download (Drivers) & Manual Download

Sharkoon Drakonia II User Manual English – Download PDF

Sharkoon Drakonia II Software Manual English – Download PDF

Sharkoon Drakonia II for Windows (32/64-bit) – Download Zip

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