Download Driver Seiko SLP650

Seiko SLP650 Driver Download. The Seiko Instruments SLP650-EU SmartLabel Printer reached me with the delivery of the printer itself, as well as a roll of labels to try in the 54mm x 101mm format. Thus the first test could be done quickly. The printer itself is quite small, so it takes up little space on the desk. In addition, it is easy. It was easy to put into operation. In the scope of delivery is a detailed description, which I however hardly needed, which should probably speak for the ease of application. The device must be connected via USB to the computer and to the power supply with an additional cable. The software for the device use was installed quickly and effortlessly and I had no problems with driver errors, as it came to me from other users.
Seiko SLP650 Printer Driver Download
The insertion of the label roll to be printed was also carried out effortlessly and quickly from the hand. The installed software allows for easy and intuitive handling, and also provides alterable designs. The device itself can print on different label sizes (28×89 mm, 54×70 mm, 28×89 mm, 54×101 mm) and therefore also the designs were pre-stored for them. The device has a tear-off function of the labels and the corresponding rollers can be easily removed and changed, which also makes it easy to switch between different label sizes.
Seiko SLP650 Driver & Software Download
Seiko SLP650 Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Seiko SLP650
The designs can be saved and modified. I was particularly impressed with the fact that even images that are inserted into the label have a fairly decent print quality. The same applies to the various different fonts you can use. Something a pity is that this device does not carry color prints, but the black and white variants can be seen. The printing speed is really fast. My only point of criticism is that the included software crashes from time to time. Although these crashes are usually not strong enough, that they need a computer restart and the whole operating system can be broken, but one should consider this possibility and then rather one more cache.
Download Driver Printer Seiko SLP650
The above mentioned crashes occur relatively regularly, but the repetitions remain within a framework which is, in my view, still justifiable. The use over MS Office functioned with me wonderful. In short: I am very satisfied with this device. I like occasional software crashes. I am impressed by the good quality of the prints. Value for money is in my opinion really great and I would have no hesitation to recommend this Seiko device. I am clearly the thumbs up!
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