Download Driver Samsung Xpress M2820DW

Samsung Xpress M2820DW Driver Download. The Samsung Xpress M2820DW printer has an ECO mode, where among other things then blank pages are omitted, saved the toner, etc. what happens exactly in ECO mode you can also set yourself eg via the web interface. The ECO mode can be activated directly on the printer with a button but also in the web interface there is this option. Directly in the driver under Windows, however, I have found no option to activate the ECO mode from there. I noticed that the expression is a bit paler compared to the normal fashion, especially in black areas. You just have to test for yourself if you use the ECO mode or not. The pressure is very fast, even in duplex mode, the paper is retracted at lightning speed and the other side printed.
Samsung Xpress M2820DW Printer Driver Download
The printed image is razor-sharp without blemish. Even graphics or photos can be printed in good quality, but of course in black and white because the printer is not a color laser. There is a problem, however: the second page in duplex mode is fed me wrong and thus the duplex operation is only partially usable. Whether it is a mistake s.der duplex unit or s.der paper type I can not currently say, I\’m there first with the Samsung support in contact. The latest version of the Universal Printer Driver also has a direct setup page for the ECO mode. This version is displayed as \”Universal Printer Driver 3\” when you click on the \”Samsung\” tab in the printer settings dialog.
Samsung Xpress SL-M2820DW Software Driver Download
Samsung Xpress M2820DW Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Samsung Xpress M2820DW
The Samsung Xpress M2820DW duplex printing was unusable because the second page was partially fed and printed wrong with 1cm offset. When Samsung support I was told that the tolerance is 1-2mm and so I have sent the printer for repair. Cost me another € 14.99 because the package is about 10Kg and if it works then finally as I will later supplement. In any case, you should test the duplex printing and request the same repair error at the Samsung support. The contact with the Samsung support on the website was extremely fast (within a few hours was answered) and I was also told where I should send the printer for repair, etc.
Download Driver Printer Samsung Xpress M2820DW
The company which carried out the repair (in my case Transimex) has the Printer within a day! Repaired and also sent back, so that\’s really great! The duplex printing works perfectly now, the offset is perhaps 1mm, so that\’s really technical and quite outstanding. Due to the very good support at Samsung and also the very fast repair processing, I give the highest rating because the good support weighs the small defects more than on. Now this Samsung Xpress M2820DW printer is available as a network printer and you can install the universal printer driver from Samsung, which then also brings all the settings dialogs, etc. Yes, and that\’s it. Printing works right away, you get the typical settings presented before you print and everything went absolutely smoothly.
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