Download Driver Samsung SL-M2876ND

Samsung SL-M2876ND Drivers Download. After having this Samsung SL-M2876ND for a little over a week now, I would like to share my previous experiences and impressions with you. I\’ve seen and built some printers in my life. The device looks good at first glance and the illustrated installation instructions, which should always be used as an experienced user to really remove all transport locks before you turn on the device for the first time, shows you what you have to do. Installing the drivers with the \”Samsung Printer Diagnostics\” tool is almost as easy and much easier than I am used to, for example, with HP printers from the OfficeJet 6xxx and 8xxx series.


Samsung SL-M2876ND Driver Download

Simply click on what you want to install, click on Install and it will be properly installed one after the other and the latest driver versions automatically downloaded. I think there should be no problems even for less experienced users. The Samsung SL-M2876ND quality of the prints is optimally optically evaluated. The font is sharp and even in ECO mode, which saves toner, there is still enough toner on the sheet, so that the font is not already greyish as with other devices. As can be read in other reviews, the covers and covers should be difficult or hard to open.

Samsung SL-M2876ND Driver & software download

Samsung SL-M2876ND Driver Download
Download Printer Driver Samsung SL-M2876ND

I definitely can not confirm this with my device! The cover of the scanner opens easily and smoothly and remains open even at a position of about 25-30 ° even and does not pop up again, if you slip off, etc. The cover can then be locked in two stages and you can easily his Hang up documents. The only thing I would like to criticize after this short time is that the paper when printing in A4 mode about 5cm protrudes from the printer to the rear. Thus, there is always some dust from there, which migrates with the next print through the printer. This could have solved Samsung better with a simple plastic cover, to better protect the inside of the printer from damage caused by dust, etc. What I noticed when ordering. It is when you put the printer in the shopping cart trying to sell a 3-year warranty for 40 € surcharges.

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The device already has a 3-year Samsung warranty. Would the Amazon explain why you should buy an extra warranty!?! The best price-performance ratio for the home area. The printer is only a few weeks old, will still show just how he makes in the long run Sun …. so far, everything was great. You do not need to print color, if you want to print photos, go to the photoshop. Since my old printer was defective, I bought this model as a replacement and must say \”a pity that the old printer is not broken long ago\”. I think the device and synonymous with the price-performance ratio-super. The operation is easy, it was easy to install, the print quality is 1a and the option to print 2 in 1 saves a lot of paper, toner, and power. I would buy it again anytime. Now you can download the drivers below, or you can also visit this Samsung SL-M2876nd drivers.


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