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Samsung SL-M2875FW Driver Download. I was a little worried about upgrading to a multifunction printer – the usual axiom is that the more things you try to do, the worse you\’ll do them. This printer really does do it all, and does it all well. My only complaint is that there are a few undocumented functions which I\’ll cover below. Printing: it prints quickly and is the quality is very sharp. It supports just about every printing method you would want and raw socket printing, USB, internet printing, print over http, etc. Fax: It works as you would expect a fax machine to work not a whole lot to say here.
Samsung SL-M2875FW Printer Driver Download
Scanning: In addition to the regular scan, there is also scan to PC which I really love. Stick a stack of papers to digitize in the paper tray, hit scan to PC, and a few minutes later a PDF or tiff or jpeg if you prefer file will appear in the designated folder on your PC. Easy as pie, and if you\’re working on your PC at the same time, you won\’t even notice. Since I run a small business, but hate keeping paper around, so I want to scan everything for my records, I find this feature invaluable. You can and obviously should set a password on this feature so no one else can drop files on your computer remotely.
Samsung SL-M2875FW Software Driver Download

Samsung SL-M2875FW Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Samsung SL-M2875FW for Window, Mac and Linux
Copying: You can do regular (1 sheet) copying, or bulk copying through the tray at the top. You can also set it to do 1->2 or 2->2 double sided copying. Really everything you\’d want in a copier. Set-up: Initial set up was easy, and can be done with with a directly connected USB, connecting to the printer\’s wireless network, or connecting to a wired network and getting a DHCP address. However the manual included on the CD neglected one crucial piece of information, the username and password for the web console so you can change the settings. The username is admin, and the password is sec00000 and with that you can log in and set up your printer.
Download Driver Printer Samsung SL-M2875FW
Now that I have had this for some time, there are some additional ideas. First of all, they have made a larger cartridge for copies and that is really great since you save operating expense. I use this copier almost exclusively for printing things off the computer. It is very handy and quick. Two sided copying is a real plus as many of the things I do require extra pages and this one saves paper. Great storage capacity is another plus. I hate having to load paper all the time and this one is really ample. The copier is great since I can scan photos in color and store them for sending to family and friends. Have been very happy with Samsung, really!
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