Download Driver Samsung SL-M2071W

Samsung SL-M2071W Driver Download. Honestly, I love this Samsung SL-M2071W printer! Once it does everything you can expect from a laser printer is moreover wireless, because of WLAN and so, and is also easy to install. The print might be more powerful (slightly paler than the HP Laserjet), but that can also be due to the toner. The Samsung SL-M2071W copying function is great, the scanning easy. I am really enthusiastic, especially since our office runs over several floors, and I can now do without the whole Kabelsalat (patch connections!). The signal is stable, I can also print through 3 floors, no problem. For me in the agency we work with Macs different operating systems. The installation with the 10.7 and 10.8 system was no problem.
Samsung SL-M2071W Printer Driver Download
At 10.5 and 10.6 you have to get the installation software from the Internet, which did not take 10 seconds. The iPad 2.3 and 4 as well as the iPad Mini does not need any installation, since you simply choose the printer. Cool, right? The price is fantastic. For my HP laser I paid more than twice, and the was neither Wi-Fi-capable nor could one with it scan or copy. Actually, the Samsung 2071W printer would be a 5-star candidate, but  unfortunately the  toner with 64 € almost half as much as the device itself, which in itself sounds like a bad joke. The Samsung SL-M2071W installation was quite easy even for a technical idiot like me.
Samsung SL-M2071W Software Driver Download
Samsung SL-M2071W Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Samsung SL-M2071W
However, the software included on the CD was not up to date. Under Windows 8.1, the scanner software was not installed or not installed correctly. In any case, the scanner did not work after installation. The included diagnostics program fixed the error immediately. This has also installed wireless printing, so I can also print from netbook and tablet. Only wireless scan does not work, I can scan only with USB cable. I did not find out why. But I attribute this to my technical stupidity. Samsung SL-M2071W print image and speed are excellent. I am overall quite satisfied with the device. Also the price-performance ratio convinces.
Download Driver Printer Samsung SL-M2071W
I have the multifunctional device with LAN cable connected to the router and also several Windows 8 laptops in the house over LAN on the router registered. To my great pleasure was the installation completely problem-free, the Samsung SL-M2071W was immediately recognized and can now be controlled by various users in the house for scanning and printing. Print image and function of the printer. Unfortunately, the only online user manual is extremely basic, has found no information in how I can, for example, make the fax print out protocols. Actually there should be at least one star trigger.
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