Download Driver Samsung SL-C410W

Samsung SL-C410W Drivers Download. The Samsung Xpress C410W is a solid processed printer, which measures approximately 38 × 31 centimeters (46 × 31 including a paper drawer) on average for the devices we tested. Held in the standard gray of most peripheral devices, the C410W only sets something like design accents through its clean lines. The paper tray holds 150 sheets of paper, but the output tray fits only 50 sheets of paper, a bit less if you want to print larger jobs unattended. The C410W does not have a display to indicate the current operating status.

Drivers & installation

After unpacking, we set about using the paper drawer and adjust it but not an easy task, the whole part is very windy. Above all, setting to the right paper size requires a bit of tact, if you do not want to break the thin plastic by mistake. However, problem-free is the insertion or replacement of the toner cartridges to deal with. Comes with black and three color cartridges, each containing toner for up to 700 prints in the subsequent purchase, they offer twice the capacity of up to 1,500 prints.

The installation of the printer driver and software was easy in our practice test. We were able to set up the connection via the supplied USB cable as well as via WLAN in a few minutes, and also the installation of the software was quick and easy. The WLAN connection proved to be extremely stable and could cope with larger print jobs.

Samsung Xpress C410W print quality
Although the Samsung Xpress C410W is a color laser printer, its strong points are black and white. Here he has convinced us in the test with razor-sharp text and a rich, deep black. Even smaller font sizes are printed clearly and legibly, and even in the margins of the page, the text is not washed out. Graphics prints the Samsung also in very good quality and better than the Brother HL-3140CW and the Dell C1660w, both of which disappointed in the black order.

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When it comes to color printing, the paper used makes the difference: with normal standard paper, the colors of the Samsung Xpress are full, but they tend to fray slightly, especially in the margins special paper helps. True photo printing dominated the C410W, of course, not good for printing colored text and colorful graphics, holiday memories on the photo should then but rather with a special printer on paper to be immortalized. Still, compared to other models, even with the slightly more expensive HL-3140CW from Brother, the quality of photo printing for a non-photo printer on the Xpress C410W is still fine.

With a print speed of 17 pages/minute with plain text printing, the C410W is on average (the Brother prints 18 pages in one minute, the Dell model only 9 pages), the low warm-up time of 14 seconds is convincing. For color printing, the Samsung needs a warm-up time of about 25 seconds before the first pages leave the printer at a speed of about 4 sheets/minute rather slowly. The comparable HL-3140CW from Brother makes about 18 pages per minute and even the Dell C1660w comes at least 6 pages/minute.

Equipment and functions
The C410W does not have special features such as a cut-sheet feeder but unlike the Brother HL-3140CW and it focuses on the essentials, which means in its case: printing in black and white and in color. After all, the C410W here has a little something special: the eco-button can be printed very toner-saving and thus environmentally friendly and the quality of the prints is then a bit worse than in the normal print mode, for designs but still sufficient.


Samsung SL-C410W Driver & Software Download

Download Samsung SL-C410W Printer Driver
Download Driver Printer Samsung SL-C410W

Since Samsung places emphasis on mobile printing with the Xpress series, the C410W has a special feature: anyone who wants to print documents or photos directly from their smartphone can either send their files to the printer via WLAN from the Samsung Mobile Print app, or transmitted via the NFC standard by holding the smartphone over the corresponding field on the printer.

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Samsung Xpress C410W consumption
Even though the Xpress C410W is eco-friendly thanks to Ecoprint mode that the device can not be switched off completely so that it consumes 9 watts measured in standby mode and in sleep mode the printer will take over after a certain amount of time Inactivity added, after all, still 1.4 watts. During the printing process itself, the Samsung Xpress C410W has an average power of about 300 watts.

As far as printing costs are concerned, the Samsung Xpress C410W shows itself split in two. In black and white printing, the page prices with 3.6 cents are rather low and cheaper is only the Brother HL-3140W (2.9 cents), the Dell C1660w, however, prints for 4.5 cents per page. In color printing, the Samsung 16.2, however, is on average more comparable printer (the Brother prints color for 13.6 cents when using a jumbo toner, the Dell for 16.8 cents). Convincing are the operating noise of the Samsung, both in standby and in printing mode, the C410W quieter than many comparable devices.

Our conclusion
In the two perhaps most important issues are driver installation and print quality has make the Xpress C410W from Samsung everything right and can almost completely convince us here. Only a few things that were not completely unimportant in everyday life were negative in the practical test, such as the somewhat windy paper drawer and the lack of a power switch and a display. On the whole, however, the Xpress C410W is a color laser printer that is impressive and lets us do all the printing jobs assigned to it properly and reliably and that\’s exactly what a printer should do after all. Above all, the home office is considered as a place of work, but here is a good all-rounder needed. However, if you want to print large amounts of plain text, you should take a closer look at the Brother HL-3140CW printer.

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